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Transport and Logistics Industry

Transport and logistics is a very varied sector that enables the movement of goods, services and people as efficiently as possible.

Labelling in transport and logistics is incredibly important, utilising labels will allow you to remain competitive in your market through the tracking of goods and services.

Labelling for transportation and logistics:

  • Shipping Labels – Distributing your products to distributors and customers requires labels to ensure that the right products are delivered to the right location.
  • Date Labels – Ideal for items that need to be tracked by date, labels can clearly identify a specified date, e.g. date the item was sent or received.
  • Racking Labels – Clearly identify racking and locations to efficiently process items e.g. racking labels identifying the destination depot.
  • Weight Labels – Identify heavy loads clearly with weight restriction labels, e.g. over 25kg, two man load etc.
  • Special Service Labels – Identify priority deliveries using colour labels for items that need a special service e.g. Saturday or AM delivery.
  • Fragile Labels – Identify fragile items that need special care in transport with specillay designed labels.
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