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Colour Label Printers

Colour label printers are a cost-effective printing solution which gives you the power to design, print and manage high quality labels in-house.

There are a wide range of colour label printer options to suit most applications and budgets. Here at AM Labels we have been working with companies across the UK in all industries to help them move over to printing their labels in-house.

With our in-house blank label manufacturing capability we can offer you a full printing solution, from the hardware to labels and the support after installation. Speak to one of our experienced technical sales team today to book a demonstration or receive a free sample pack of printed labels.

Types of colour label printer (entry / mid-range / industrial):

Entry Level Colour Label Printers 

Designed for small businesses, this level of printer are a great introduction to producing your own colour labels in-house and on-demand, whilst saving you the time and money on out-sourcing your label production.

Printers in this class vary widely on the cost per label, this is due to the size and cost of the ink cartridges used by the manufacturer, to help you decide what is best for your application, we can produce you an estimated cost per label based on your artwork.

Epson ColorWorks C3500
Priced from £995.00
Popular Inkjet colour printer
Durable pigment ink
Low cost, entry level 
Upto 4 inch print width
Primera LX500e
Prices from £1099.00
4800dpi print resolution
Optional built-in cutter
2inches per/sec print speed
Upto 4 inch print width
DTM CX86e  
Prices from £1,950.00
Durable print - Toner Based
1200dpi print quality
Ideal for tags / tickets
Upto 3.3 inch print width



Mid-Range Colour Label Printers 

Capable of more through-put than an entry level label printer, these are designed to print a lot more a day with increased reliability.

We have demo units of all of our printers, allowing us to provide printed samples and on-site demonstrations.

Epson ColorWorks C6000
Priced from £1844.00
1200dpi print resolution
Cutter and Peel Options
Standard and MK inks
Upto 4 inch print width
Epson ColorWorks C6500
Prices from £2412.00
1200dpi print resolution
Cutter and Peel Options
Standard and MK inks
Upto 8 inch print width
Primera LX610e 
Prices from £2090.00
Label printer & Cutter
Print and cut and shape
Pigment and Dye ink 
Upto 3.3 inch print width



Industrial Colour Label Printers 

Designed for high throughput and a high quality finish, industrial level printers are ideal to bring your whole label requirement in-house. With print technologies from Memjet, Epson and OKI there is a printer to fit any requirement and application.

All of our industrial colour label printers are compatible with RIP (colour matching) software, allowing greater control of printing for branding and quality purposes. Talk to us today and we will send you some printed samples and arrange a demonstration.

Epson ColorWorks C7500G
Prices from £5450.00
Durable print - Pigment Ink
Low ink cost per print
Large 300ml cartridges
4 inch print width
Ideal for product, box and chemical labels
Afinia L801
Prices from £5995.00
Memjet Printhead - Dye ink
High resolution - 1600 dpi
250ml Cartridges
Upto 8 inch print width
Ideal for high quality product
Afinia L901 
Prices from £9795.00
Durable print - Toner Based
BS5609 compliant printing
Low cost laser media
Upto 8 inch print width
Ideal for chemical and applications where durability is key.



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