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Print Your Own Retail Labels

The world of retail can be daunting. Products in a retail environment, such as a supermarket, need to be able to stand out among a shelf full of competing products – This can be a real challenge. How can I set myself apart? How can I draw the customer’s attention to my product rather than a competing product? How can I maintain compliance with the latest Food and Drug Administration changes? Well, with your own colour printing solution, you will have the toolkit you need in order to print vibrant looking labels in house cheaply, quickly and on demand.

Why print your own retail labels?

So why print your labels when you can just get them printed through an external supplier? There are numerous pitfalls with such an approach that can cost you both time and money. Take for example your typical farmer selling produce at his or hers local market. Farmers routinely have a large array of different produce all with naturally high variability in their available stock. If the farmer decided to source his printed labels from a third party, he would likely be charged a premium to print such labels in a small quantity. The farmer would then be faced with a choice; Incur extra costs, or purchase a large quantity of each label type leaving him with reels of unused stock. Now, not only is this obviously incredibly costly, what if there is a change in FDA labelling requirements? All of your current stock is now useless and you would have to go through an entirely new label design and reprinting process which could take weeks. With your own colour printing solution in place, all of these problems are simplified. You only have to print the labels you need. All you have to do is create your designs in your favourite label design software (we recommend bartender), select how many you want, and press print. No more premiums, no minimum order quantities and you have the flexibility to rapidly prototype new designs at a moment’s notice; ideal for any ad hoc seasonal promotions or general market testing. This entire process in outlined below.

Why colour?

Effective marketing is all about captivating the customer’s attention, be that through colour, sound or the products message. One of the core components of this, colour, plays a critical role in the decision making process. A thought provoking study conducted by Satyendra Singh (2006) found that up to 90% of purchasing decisions are based of colour alone. Additional studies have also linked colour to a variety of emotions. For instance, the colour orange is frequently associated with energy and the colour blue is closely linked to reliability and security. These are thought provoking ideas. It appears that humans have a natural affinity for colour which is strongly affecting their purchasing decisions. With your own colour printing solution, you have the ideal platform to rapidly design and test new logos, product descriptions and limited time promotions at up to 4x the resolution of typical thermal printers, giving you the competitive edge to stand out in the marketplace. 

A common misconception among people who are new to colour printing in general and are trying to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing their own solution vs having their labels produced through a third party is the supposed high upfront cost involved. Advances in manufacturing processes as well as printhead technology, more specifically, the underlying mechanics of how the ink is layered onto the media have substantially reduced the cost of printing vibrant, high resolution labels in house to the point where it is a cost-effective strategy.

AM Labels

AM Labels are a UK label manufacturer with over 18 years of industry experience. We have a dedicated team of experts on hand with specific expertise in the retail industry that can match the most appropriate colour label printer to your specific requirements. If you would like to know more, or request a free sample print of your artwork, then please fill out the contact form below.

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