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Black Mark Labels

Black Mark Labels


AM Labels offers a wide variety of black mark labels with 100s of cutter sizes and a wide range of thermal and colour materials to choose from.

Black marks are printed on the backing paper to synchronise the printer to the edge of the label, so that the print is always in the correct position. Black marks are used when it is not possible to use a gap detector also known as a transmissive sensor. Examples of this are when using circular or shaped labels and clear labels, where there is no contrast between the labels and liner. A black mark would also be used with card material and where it is necessary to leave the matrix in.

Black marks are printed on the reverse side of the backing paper and can be printed either part of the way across the label or all the way across. The black mark is a horizontal line, usually 3mm high.


Ideal for certain colour label printer applications

Leaving the matrix in is recommended with the OKI Pro1040 and Pro1050 printers if the print is required to bleed over the edge of the label for edge to edge printing. Leaving the matrix in can also be useful with inkjet printers such as the Epson C6500 and C7500G when printing edge to edge. Printing edge to edge with an inkjet colour label printer requires a bleed which will leave some ink on the backing paper which can come off on people’s hands when manually applying the labels.


What we can offer

AM Labels stocks a wide variety of label materials, including paper, card and synthetic materials for thermal, inkjet and toner based printers.

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