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Print your own GHS Labels on the Epson C7500

Are you having problems with your current printing solution? Introducing the Epson C7500: Setting the Standard for GHS Labelling

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Thank you for your interest in the Epson C7500, the industries leading pigment based GHS Labelling Solution.If you think the Epson C7500 might be the right solution for your business, or you have any questions, please include a brief summary of your circumstances and our expert sales team will happily get back to you.

Introducing the Epson C7500

Have you been plagued with problems with ribbon based printers? Are they frequently creasing even though you have set them up properly leading to not only frustration, but a serious loss of company-wide productivity?

Aimed at customers for whom high quality and durable prints are key considerations, the Epson C7500 is the ultimate GHS colour label printer. With printing speeds up to 12 inches per second and industry leading technologies such as a refined precisioncore printhead, DURABrite Pigment Ink and Nozzle Verification Technology, the Epson is more than equipped to reliably and efficiently print GHS labels on-demand.

Simplify the Labelling Process

Epson's industrial inkjet technology is the most cost-effective solution for bringing your business up to the new standard. DURABrite Ultra Ink and the PE Matte Label media make the perfect team for your label production. You can use blank labels and print them exactly with the pictograms and information required. This eliminates the multiple-step system of pre-printed labels and tackles two issues at the same time: your production costs of labels are reduced and your production is GHS compliant. It's simple and efficient.

Reduce Headaches, Increase Recognition

The Epson C7500 takes the headache out of printing labels. Traditional ribbon based systems are often cumbersome to operate and are frequently plagued with creasing issues. Not only this, they are limited to only a few colours, which is not ideal if you want to emphasise your corporate logo on your GHS Labels. The Epson C7500 allows you to print fully compliant labels in full colour. Simply mount your media onto the roll holder, select your label and hit print, no headaches and no fuss. You’ll be able to include your logo, display red and black GHS pictograms, text, barcode and serializations.


Save Money

Printing labels on-demand helps eliminate costs associated with pre-printing, such as label waste and large label inventory. High-capacity, individual ink cartridges mean only the colour used will need to be replaced, offering very low cost per print. The permanent printhead offers significant cost savings, and a guaranteed peace of mind as none of its major components will need replacing for at least 500km worth of printing.

Key Benefits

  • Produce GHS Compliant Labels
  • Fast Print Speed – 12 Inches per Second
  • Cost-Effective – Eliminates pre-printing costs and saves on media.
  • High Quality – 600dpi Resolution
  • Easy to Use – Minimal Maintenance

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