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Direct Thermal Printing

What it is/how it works: 

Direct thermal printing technology uses heat sensitive paper by transferring heat through the print head of a direct thermal printer burning an image (text, images and barcodes) directly onto a label.

What is it used for (Ideal uses):

Ideal for users that do not require the labels to last a long period of time (12 months +), e.g. postage, courier and address labels.


  • The price range makes label printing affordable to smaller businesses.No ribbon required.


  • A disadvantage of direct thermal printing is that the print will fade in direct sunlight or heat and can be easily marked when scuffed, top coated labels can alleviate this.


Direct Thermal Label Materials


Direct thermal materials comprise of a heat sensitive coating on paper orsynthetic material, which when heated through a direct thermal printer.

Direct thermal labels are available in a range of standard and custom sizes and can be pre-printed with your information.
Standard sizes are available online in the following options:

(These are our online stock sizes, if the size you are looking for is not listed please contact us via the form, email, phone or live chat and we will arrange you a quote). 


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