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Box Labels

Box labels or as they can also be referred to as box end labels, are used to identify the contents of a box; they can be printed in black or colour to make the identification of contents and locations easier.Box End Labels - Packaging Labels

Box labels often contain details such as content, company name or logo, serial numbers or batch codes and a product or content barcode. Labels can be supplied on a roll to be used in a thermal label printer or dedicated inkjet colour label printer, alternatively labels can be supplied on A4 sheets for laser and inkjet printers.

  • As standard printed on plain white labels with a thermal label printer or colour label printer, but can be supplied on coloured label media, such as yellow labels, red labels and green labels
  • Can also be supplied pre-printed - speak to our sales advisors or fill in our contact form for pricing.
  • Ideal for warehouses, factories, distribution centres and storage facilities

With Thermal transfer labels, there are two options for printing, for short-term labelling a direct thermal label printer would be ideal, whereas if long-term durability is required a thermal transfer label printer which requires the use of a thermal ribbon is the preferred option.

AM Labels offers a variety of standard stock labels sizes for box labels on next day delivery, but custom sizes and quantities can be supplied, just ask us for a quote.

AM Labels Box Label Solutions:

If you already have a thermal label printer and are looking for rolls of labels, below is our most popular box labels we provide:

Desktop Label Printer - 38mm cores (Direct thermal and thermal transfer options):

Box Labels - 101x76 DT Desktop Box Labels - 101x151 DT Desktop Box labelsBox Labels - 101x76 TT Desktop Box Labels - 101x151 TT Desktop

Industrial Label Printer  - 76mm cores (Direct thermal and thermal transfer options):

Box Labels - 101x76 TT Desktop Box Labels - 101x151 DT Desktop Box labelsBox Labels - 101x76 TT Industrial Box Labels - 101x151 TT Industrial


We can also provide a full printer solution if you are just starting out, we have both thermal transfer (black and white) and full colour options, click the links below for more information on these:

Thermal Transfer Printer Solution

Box Label Thermal Transfer Solution


Full Colour Label Printer Solution

Box Labels - Colour Label Printer Solution


If you require any help or guidance, please call our sales team on 01536 414 222 or email [email protected]

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