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Freezer Adhesive

Freezer or deep freeze adhesive is a permanent adhesive designed for companies that are labelling items that need to be stored in cold storage, fridge or freezer environments.

The things to consider when choosing freezer adhesive labels are what temperature conditions you will be applying the labels and where they will be stored throughout your process.


If your labels will be stored in a chilled cabinet / fridge then a permanent adhesive will be suitable with a minimum temperature of -15°C.

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If your labels will be stored in a freezer you will need a deep freeze adhesive with a minimum temperature of -45°C after application, labels must be applied at least -20°C to allow the adhesive to set.

Freezer adhesive is ideal for labelling at actual refrigerator temperatures or onto food packaging before they are exposed to deep-freeze conditions. The adhesive can be applied to slightly moist hard surfaces and is suitable for use on a wide variety of materials.

Specialist Applications:

  • Frozen food labels
  • Cold store labels
  • Specimen labelling
  • Cryogenic labels
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