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Manufacturer Labelling

Manufacturing in the UK is an extremely competitive environment with challenges from China and other emerging economies that can produce goods at a lower cost than the UK. However British manufacturing can thrive by playing to its strengths of design, technology, innovation and service.

Labelling in manufacturing is important to clearly identify items, whether tracking raw materials through to finished goods, dispatching and transporting your manufactured goods to creating a eye-catching label to sell your product at the point of sale.

Labelling for manufacturing:

  • Shipping Labels – Distributing your products to distributors and customers requires labels to ensure that the right products are delivered to the right location.
  • Box End Labels – Identify the contents of a box; they can be printed in black or colour to make the identification of contents and locations easier.
  • Product Labels – Manufacturing new products and developing ranges is a great way to expand your brand and will require labels to promote your products at the shelf edge or online to attract customers.
  • Promotional Labels – 3 for 2, buy one get one free – display your special offers effectively with promotional labels.
  • Best Before / Date Labels – Ideal for perishable items such as food and make-up, best before labels clearly identify the last date that the product can be sold and consumed.
  • Security Labels – Tamper evident, void and brand protection labels are ideal for manufacturers selling electronic or high cost products to prevent tampering by clearly identifying when a label has tried to be removed.
  • Component Tracking Labels - Identifying materials, packaging, through your manufacturing process can be easily achieved through barcode labelling.
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