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Print Your Own Food Labels

Is your business involved in packaged or prepared foods? Do you want to take your business to the next level? If so, then there can be some serious benefits to be gained by adding your own colour labels to your packaged or prepared goods.

Why print your own prepared food labels?

There are numerous reasons to consider printing your own colour labels. For instance, adding colour labels to your products can make them look drastically more professional and help to signify your company’s unique value in the eyes of your consumers. Printing your own labels also helps you to have a far more granular level of control over the whole update process of adding and removing information from your products. This is especially crucial within the food industry as there are constantly changing regulations, that if are not taken care of promptly, can lead to large fines as well as potentially threatening your companies brand loyalty.

On the other hand, if instead you opted for a third party to handle the printing of your labels, you would likely be paying for more material than you actually need, plus if you are a small business and only need a couple of hundred labels done at any one time, you will likely face a premium each and every time you make a repeat order. All of this added cost can easily be removed by owning your own colour printing solution.   

A common complaint among people who are not as familiar with colour label printers is of the perceived upfront costs involved in purchasing your own colour label printing solution. In fact, thanks to numerous technological advances, the cost of purchasing and printing high fidelity, eye-catching labels has drastically decreased allowing even the small business to own their own bespoke solution. Granted, there are many different colour printers on the market with various levels of quality and costs, so for the average consumer it can be quite daunting. We at AM Labels have been working with clients from all industries, so you can be assured that we can find you the optimal solution for your specific case.

Why colour?

The use of colour is an exceptionally useful tool in any business’s marketing strategy. Colours can have numerous effects on people and help consumers to instantly recognise your specific brand amongst a shelf full of competing products. Take for instance, Coca Cola’s vibrant red or Heineken’s distinct green packaging. When people see these colours in store, they recognise the brand even before reading the label itself! Furthermore, colours can also evoke emotions such as anger or even hunger which is clearly immediately applicable to the food industry. By owning your own colour printer, you can leverage the benefits of being able to rapidly prototype new design paradigms and test them on small market segments in order to gauge their efficacy, and all for a surprisingly low cost per label.

AM Labels

AM Labels are a UK label manufacturer with over 18 years of industry experience. We have a dedicated team of experts on hand with specific expertise in the foods industry that can match the most appropriate colour label printer to your specific requirements. If you would like to know more, or request a free sample print of your artwork, then please fill out the contact form below.

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