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Dedicated Inkjet Printing

Dedicated inkjet label printing technology uses ink cartridges and paper labels to create a full colour matt or glossy label for full control of label printing in house.

What it’s used for (Ideal uses):

Ideal for printing product labels that need to stand out against the crowd on the shelves, inkjet has been particularly successful for food and drinks manufacturers making short runs of full colour labels affordable and customisable to customer and internal demand.


  • Ability to customise and print your own full colour matt or glossy label labels on demand
  • When inkjet labels are printed on gloss paper, the printed labels can be submerged in water for short periods of time without smudging.


  • Inkjet labels are prone to fading if exposed to direct sunlight.
  • When printed on matt paper the print will be much more prone to smudging.

Price Range:   

Click on link to view colour label printers.

Dedicated Inkjet Label Materials

Choose from a range of label sizes and materials available to buy online or offline. Options include permanent or removable adhesive, clear, photo quality and polyester materials plus coloured and pre-printed labels. Custom sizes available on request.

Click to view our online range of colour label materials.

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