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Food and Drink Labels

Food and drink labelling conveys a wide range of uses from promotional labels, product tracking to printing sell-by dates. The substrates labelled in the food industry include glass, hard and soft plastics, fibre-based materials like paper and board, and metals.

Labels in the food and drink industry have been designed to be applied to cold and moist surfaces, be in contact with fat and oil and stand out at the point of sale.

Food and Drink Labels

Typical Applications

  • Product Labels
  • Promotional Labels
  • Price marking Labels
  • Bottle Labels
  • Sandwich Labels
  • Wine Labels

Specialist Applications

Special areas in this segment include open-closure (resealing) applications, direct food contact such as fruit labelling, and promotional booklet labels containing recipes, etc.

Traffic Light Labels 

Food products with traffic light labels on the front of the pack show you at-a-glance if the food you are thinking about buying has high, medium or low amounts of fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt, helping you get a better balance.

In addition to traffic light colours you will also see the number of grams of fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt in what the manufacturer or retailer suggests as a 'serving' of the food.

The Agency recommends that traffic light colours are used on processed convenience foods such as ready meals, pizzas, sausages, burgers, pies, sandwiches and breakfast cereals.

Promotional and Price Markdown Labels

Labels for sales and promotions are the perfect way to attract attention to products that you want to increase sales either by discounting or offering bulk buys e.g. 3 for 2 or 3 for £10.

Our printed promotional labels can be used for many different applications, from labelling products to brochures, flyers or other promotional merchandise, to promoting special or seasonal offers.

These promotional labels can have full or single-colour print on white paper. Full colour promotional labels can be digitally or lithographically printed, you can have almost any colour or image printed, including logos and graphics.

Printed promotional labels can be supplied in quantities as small as 1,000 labels so that you don't need to keep a large supply of labels in stock.

Pricing Options

  • Full colour printed
  • Pre-printed on a roll, over print your own promotions

Printing sell by dates

Labelling for transportation: Logistics and Transport

Labelling on liquid dairy products and water and juice bottles: Beverage

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