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Stocklink Inventory Control Software

Stock control software is widely used across manufacturing, distribution and retail and in any situation where stock needs to be tracked by quantity, location and value etc. Stock control software is essential for being able to manage stock levels and for ensuring that the value of stock is kept to a minimum, without running out.

Stock control software comes in many forms, including:

  • As part of an MRP (material requirement planning) system
  • As part of a warehouse management system
  • As part of a dedicated application such as van sales
  • As part of an EPOS (electronic point of sale) system
  • As a stand alone, dedicated stock control system / program

STOCKlink Inventory Control Software

AM Labels have designed an Inventory control software system that is tailored for you to take back control of your stock.

Designed for small to medium sized companies, Stocklink delivers the ability to track and manage stock at multiple locations and sites in an easy to use system, without any unnecessary complexity.

Paired with a handheld device, Stocklink allows for management of stock on the go, maximising productivity.

Key Benefits of Stocklink system

  • User friendly, intuitive, easy to use interface.
  • Track stock by warehouse, location and shelf.
  • In depth search functionality.
  • Access to pre-built and customised reports.
  • Ability to create and perform Stock Audit
  • Communicate with handheld via cable or wirelessly
  • Secure user login system, granting customised authentication levels.
  • Ability to create customers and produce delivery notes to the customers.
  • Ability to transfer Stock
  • Improved tracebility of serialised products.

PC Software

Giving your business the ability to accurately track andc control inventory the Stocklink PC software is a user friendly and complex free application.

Inventory can be tracked and managed at multiple locations including shelves, and you can track when stock is added, returned, and checked out, ensuring accuracy at all times.

Features of the PC Software:

Create and maintain records

  • Product records, including default location, stock type and category.
  • Target cost and sell price for each product.
  • In depth product search functionality, including stock code, product code, description and location.
  • Enter default stock level for each product and perform quick stock level check function to show all products below minimum level.


  • Add and remove customisable reports.
  • Reports can be tailored to users need.
  • Reports can be published to excel format for ease of analysis or to a CSV file.

Stocklink has a secure user login system, granting customised authentication levels, ensuring only people who should have access can view their designated areas.

Handheld Computing Software

Stocklink provides an easy to use handheld application, to guide the user through check in and out of inventory, and perform stock audits, this ensures your inventory is accurately tracked at all times.

Features of Handheld Software:


  • WLAN (Pro) and USB communication.
  • Ability to scan barcode to automatically populate barcode field and search for product on PC.


  • Compatible with all Windows Mobile 6 and CE handheld devices.
  • Perform a complete audit check of inventory on handheld in real time or batch.
  • Real time visibility of stock levels and locations.

Stocklink has been specified and written in close cooperation with companies in various industries. All software has been designed and written by our in-house software team, ensuring that we are able to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Enhancements and new features are being continuously added to the product range, ensuring that our software will grow with your business and reflect the latest techniques and technologies available.

For a friendly chat about what Stocklink would be able to offer you or just for some advice please call us on: (01536) 414222

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