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Removable Labels On Rolls

What Is A Removable Label?

Removable labels are used when there is a need for a temporary label and can be easily removed when the label is no longer needed. The adhesive offers a strong enough tack, meaning the label stays adhered to the item, but can be removed without damaging the label or item itself.

Removable adhesive labels are suitable for the majority of applications and is ideal for companies who are applying pricing labels onto products that are sold as gifts or used to seal products.

The main two advantages of using a removable label are that when removed, the label leaves no adhesive behind on your item, as well as the label is able to peel off in one price without tearing.


Top Tips For Applying Removable Labels Onto Products

Before applying removable labels onto your item, you will need to make sure you apply your labels onto a clean, dry surface. A wet, dusty or dirty surface may interfere with the adhesion.

When applying removable labels, apply the labels firmly onto the item and apply pressure over the entire surface of the label. Then with a roller, apply pressure over the label area to be insured with a secure bond.


Our Best-Selling Removable Labels

Discover our high-quality removable labels on rolls for desktop and industrial label printers – at the most unbeatable prices online! Our removable adhesive labels offer a good tack along with outstanding removability, even after long-term labelling.

Our labels feature excellent print contrast for barcode labels, shipping / address labels, pricing labels, product identification labels, stock / tracking labels, food labels and much more! Below is some of our best-selling removable labels. If you have any questions, please contact us.

round removable labels 40mm removable labels on rolls 101 x 101mm removable labels on rolls 76 x 25mm removable labels on rolls 101 x 149mm

40 x 40mm Round Removable Labels On Rolls

High-quality direct thermal labels with removable adhesive. 1500 labels on a roll on 38mm core. Box quantity of 12000.

101 x 101mm Removable Labels On Rolls

Direct thermal labels with removable adhesive. 1000 labels on a roll on 76mm core. Box quantity 6000.

76 x 25mm Removable Direct Thermal Labels On Rolls

Direct thermal labels with removable adhesive. 5000 on a roll, produced on the highest of quality thermal material.

Buy online now.

101 x 149mm Removable Labels On Rolls

Direct thermal labels with removable adhesive. 500 labels on a roll, 25mm cores. Box quantity 5000.


Top Industry’s Who Use Removable Labels

  • Bakeries
  • Takeaway shops
  • Gift shops
  • Florists
  • Manufacturers
  • Chocolate shops
  • Healthcare sectors


Most Common Applications Include

  • Screen labels (phones / photo frames)
  • Pricing and product information labels
  • Jar and bottle labels
  • Patient charts and medical information


Specialist Applications Include

There are varieties of removable adhesive specially designed to fulfil specialist applications:

  • Removable adhesive for rough substrates, such as corrugated cardboard, and for curved substrates, such as test tubes. Can also be used as a deep freeze adhesive.
  • With filmic face materials RR28 has good long-term removability, good clarity, UV-stability, and water resistance. It can also be used as semi-permanent adhesive when combined with paper face materials.


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