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Print Your Own Horticultural Labels

Whether you are growing your own plants at home for your garden and merely want them to be easily identifiable, or you own a full scale nursery, finding and implementing an effective solution in the horticultural/nursing industry can be a challenge. Labels need to be built to last, with strong resistance against numerous conditions ranging from the high level of humidity experienced in the greenhouse, to the wet, wind and cold faced outdoors.

Horticultural labels are also used for product identification, compliance and tracking purposes. If an easy to read and durable solution is not in place, potentially devastating errors can occur. For example, there are strict industry container labelling regulations that must be adhered to regarding the product identity, contents and the grower or retailer responsible for the product. Unintentionally concealed information through poor print quality or smudging due to poor material choice can lead to product identification errors. This can seriously affect consumer confidence in your product and can potentially lead to legal ramifications.  A simple illegible grower name may not be the end of the world, but a defaced fertilizer dosage recommendation can mislead customers into possibly over saturating their plants, leading to leaf burns and potentially crop death.

Why print your own horticultural labels?

People love and respond to colour; be it the vibrant pink of the Menton tulip or quite simply the striking red of a Coca Cola Can. By making the choice to print your own colour labels, you are able to rapidly design and print as many or as few label variations as you want, allowing you the flexibility to really set your brand apart from your competition. Additionally, no matter what level of grower you are, colour labels drastically help with product identification from both a practical and regulatory perspective. For example, with colour labels, you can easily identify your saplings apart from one another allowing for effortless status monitoring and organisation. Moreover, if there are any changes in governmental regulations, you have the ability to rapidly respond and make the necessary changes rather than relying on a third-party.

By making the decision to print your own colour labels you not only gain a greater level of flexibility, you can even save money too! Without the reliance on a third party, you only order and print the labels you actually need, rather than being charged a premium to print many different labels in small quantities.

Also, a common misconception among people who are considering the pros and cons of different printing solutions is the supposed high level of cost involved with printing colour labels. Printhead technology has advanced drastically over the past few years bringing the cost per print of a colour label down drastically, and with the numerous benefits associated with durable colour labels as already mentioned, it is really a no brainer.

AM Labels

We at AM Labels know that it can be confusing and costly getting the right printer with the correct label materials that will give you kind of durability and legibility that you need. That is why we have a dedicated team of experts on hand with specific expertise in the horticultural industry that can match the most appropriate colour label printer to your specific requirements. If you would like to know more, or request a free sample print of your artwork, then please fill out the contact form below.

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