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Asset Labels

Asset labels are widely used across all types of business and government organisations for identifying, asset tracking and managing company assets. Almost any type of asset can be labelled, including furniture and IT equipment.

There are many forms of asset label, depending on how you wish to control your asset tracking. Asset labels can either be printed with a number or a barcode. In addition, the number or barcode can either be sequential (each number one more than the previous one) or with a unique number incorporating for example the product type and serial number. Asset tracking software can be used to assist you with creating your asset labels. Asset numbers can be any combination of letters and numbers, whether in human readable or bar code form depending on your personal preference for your asset tracking.

Types of Asset Labels

AM labels can either supply asset labels pre-printed with additional text and logos or you can print your own, using a small, low cost, desktop label printer and optional asset tracking software. The label materials below can be supplied in silver or tinted with a colour of your choice. The different types of asset label material include:

  • Gloss white polyester material with a standard permanent adhesive.
  • Gloss white polyester material with high tack adhesive (for textured surfaces).
  • Void label material leaves a VOID impression on the surface of the item and the label if the label is removed. The label cannot be re-applied.
  • Tamper evident/resistant materialis usually made from Ultra Destruct Vinyl. This type of label, once applied can only be picked of in small pieces (i.e. it breaks up as you try to remove it).

Asset Tracking System

Asset labels usually form part of an asset tracking system. A system using bar coded asset labels may consist of:

Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software can be either PC or handheld based and is used to track and manage companies assets. Barcoded asset labels are particularly efficient when it comes to carrying out an audit. 

Further information on asset labels, asset tracking and asset tracking software can be obtained by calling our sales team on 01536 414222 or emailing

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