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AM Labels Software


Bespoke software for handheld computers and PC applications including full system design and in house programming service. Expertise in databases, networking and wireless applications. We also have experience with programming handheld computers from Symbol, Intermec and Datalogic, with both DOS based and Pocket PC operating systems.

Printing Bespoke Labels

AM Labels has created various software programs to enable bespoke printing of labels in line with data from existing systems including:

  • Creating a bespoke program that linked with Bartender and the customers database to automate printing of luggage labels at check in.
  • Creating a bespoke program and redesigning the customers databases into one database, using vb scripting to format dates and database values to integrate into the customers label design.
  • Using Nice form from the Nicelabel Suite AM Labels have designed a customised form for a customer. This form created a user friendly screen to allow operators to search for product numbers from an existing database. The screen shows a preview of the label and allows the user to overwrite data within set up fields such as product code and quantity at print time.

Parking Enforcement

Using MCL AM Labels developed a system that used handheld computers to record incorrectly parked vehicles and mobile printers with pre-printed receipts to issue parking tickets. The handheld computers data was then batch exported to a spreadsheet for follow up.

Cab Mach4

Trend contacted AM Labels to provide a solution for portable stand alone printing. Their requirement was to be able to scan a barcode with an existing handheld scanner, and print out the appropriate label with data from a database stored on the printer, without the need for any PC interaction, making it fully stand alone.


AM Labels first port of call was to find the right printer which has the functionality to be programmed to interact with the handheld scanner and produce a label querying the product database from the input given, and also have be portable. With these requirements AM Labels recommended the Cab Mach4 Label printer which can be customised to be battery powered with a separate rechargeable battery pack and has the abilty to store and read a database saved on a compact flash card. With the printer issue solved the next challenge was the label format that needed to be coded to listen for an input from the handheld and print a label using this query and print out the label from the database. This is where the dedicated AM Labels team came to configure the printer to do exactly that with a 100% success rate. Once installed the system has been introduced into Trends shop fronts and has increased their productivity dramatically.

Stocklink lite

Bosch Siemens Home Appliances (B/S/H/) approached AM Labels for a solution to enable them to perform a stock audit within their storage warehouse as their current accounts system wouldn’t allow them to complete this function.

They required a handheld application to allow them to scan items within their warehouse, and assign quantities and locations. Also they needed to be able to produce a CSV file to open on a PC for reporting. The software needed to be windows mobile to work with existing handhelds.


Using our Stocklink software as a base, which includes this functionality as standard, we got to work on developing a bespoke version of this which just included the functionality that B/S/H/ required. This software included the following functions:

  • Scan Stock and assign quantities and locations.
  • Track identical items in multiple locations.
  • Three customisable product fields. Scan history function of current session.
  • Easy to open and report CSV format file.

This system met and exceeded their expectations and requirements to accurately track inventory.

Jez Withers of B/S/H/ says:

"AM Labels provided an excellent software solution which enabled our stock controllers to accurately record inventory data by using handheld computer terminals"

Upon delivering this application AM Labels have developed this into a complete stock audit package to go separately alongside our full stock control application which is now known as Stocklinklite.

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