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Laser, Copier, Inkjet Printing

What it is/how it works:

This type of printing is the perfect choice for users that want to create labels with an existing laser, copier or inkjet printer, making the initial spend relatively small.

Laser and copier technology uses laser toner and paper or synthetic labels supplied on an A4 sheet to produce labels with black or colour print.

Inkjet printing technology uses ink cartridges and paper or synthetic labels supplied on an A4 sheet to produce mono or colour printed labels.

What it’s used for (Ideal uses):

Creating your own labels relatively cheaply.
Laser is more cost effective for users printing a reasonable quantity of labels or a small quantity using an existing printer.


  • Uses an existing laser, copier or inkjet printer, so no need to buy a new device.                  
  • Labels are available from only £26.95 ex VAT for 500 sheets making the costing very reasonable for somebody starting to print their own labels.
  • Costs of printing laser toner) are lower than inkjet (cartridges).
  • Laser printed labels are much less prone to fading than inkjet labels.


  • Inkjet cartridges tend to be expensive and therefore on-going costs higher than laser if a large amount of printing is required.

Price Range:

Click on the link below to view our A4 Labels:

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