Are you having problem after problem within your restaurant? For example, you have had problems with order errors, food safety, inefficient services and so on...

By integrating Sato FX3-LX Label Printer into your food delivery service, you are able to minimise all of the above errors and more! Here’s why;

Print a timestamp security label. This helps prevent food tampering to ensure top-quality food safety and hygiene. Auto calculate and print accurate food labels, with prepared date and use-by date to ensure food safety! Customise and produce your own labels and add your own personal branding touch (example of label below).

Discover Sato FX3-LX, a low-cost printer designed to address challenges faced within restaurants and take out services

It can be challenging to find the ideal solution to meet the needs of your busy restaurant. By integrating the SATO FX3-LX within your workflow, you will see an immediate improvement for stock management enabling accurate, efficient food and merchandise rotation. Along with helping food operators across kitchens, catering and hospitality organisations to deliver a fast, safe yet efficient service to all customers.

The printer also features the latest AEP (Application Enabled Printing) platform. A powerful on-board intelligence, enabling customisation of the printer operation. AEP can be used to completely customise the entire print function of compatible solutions, to meet the needs of each unique restaurant or kitchen process.

If you would like to find out more information on what AEP is. Please click here to be directed to an information blog.

Sato FX3-LX Printer Features:

  • Improved efficiency, productivity, and reduced costs
  • Supports compliance with food regulations
  • Easy clean, antibacterial casing
  • Stand-alone printer with 7-inch, full colour touchscreen
  • Splash proof design with IPx2 rating, FX3-LX printer can resist water splashes
  • Easy to clean along with an anti-bacterial printer casing
  • Easy operation when using rubber gloves thanks to its pressure sensitive touch screen
  • Multiple language options – different languages can be set up for instruction display and label printing, eliminating operational difficulty due to language barriers. An example includes the instructions on the printer can be displayed in Chinese, but the label is printer in English
  • Perfect for small / tight businesses as you can mount the printer onto the wall
  • Print product names, raw materials, package date / time, allergy advice on non-reusable labels
  • Perfect for using for promotional purposes to attract, retain and grow customers
  • Print personal messages, on which can be applied onto products. Labels can also include a QR code to lead customers to your website

If you are looking to purchase the Sato FX3-LX printer, please click here. Or if you need any help, please contact us today!