Sato have recently launched a powerful printing technology which enables customisation of your Sato printer operation. The new generation of AEP technology leaps far beyond the average smart printers’ ability by bringing intelligent printing into the 21st century. The point of AEP platform is to help simplify in-house labelling operations by customising specific applications onto your printer, meaning you can use the device as a stand-alone printer, without the need of a computer. Using an AEP enabled SATO printer provides you with a one-stop solution to serve as an application host as well as a label and barcode printer. AEP enables you to print labels and barcodes without the need of integrating a computer. A huge benefit to businesses who are looking to save money, by diminishing extra costs on computers and maintenance. Perfect for practical, commercial and fast paced environments where space is at premium. Industry sectors include but are not limited to food, drink, retail, healthcare and logistic, manufacturing markets. If you require additional data input - you are able to connect your SATO printer directly to peripheral gadgets giving you exceptional flexibility for on-demand label and barcode printing. External devices include numeric keypads, weighing scales, barcode scanners and keyboards along with offering a multi-interface operation. This enables users to produce a variety of media, which is ideal for tasks including price marking, ingredient labelling, evidence tracking and item identification. The certification allows AM Labels to offer its customers bespoke and personalised AEP solutions that have been developed in-house, maximising flexibility for the end user.   A one-stop solution to help increase application stability, security, ability to easily modify applications while saving costs by not having to purchase a PC, ongoing maintenance, and software licensing. AEP offers flexible and intelligent printing solutions that are easy to operate and require minimal training, maximising productivity in the workplace and adapting seamlessly into existing systems. In addition to supporting standalone printing, AEP provides database access via network or cloud communication. The SATO AEP platform also provides users with the flexibility to effortlessly integrate printers with other external devices, without requiring investment in specialised firmware, eliminating the requirement to allocate time to installation or customisation.   AEP procedure


  1. Analysis of current printing and business operations
  2. Design operational improvements
  3. Create labels and operator prompts
  4. Upload custom applications onto printer
  5. Enjoy a simple, customised label operation
    AML’s talented team of in-house engineers has received comprehensive and extensive training on all aspects of AEP software development, allowing the company to provide its customers with a functional, efficient and user-friendly solution to label production. AEP can be personalised to suit each business’s individual printing requirements, providing the capacity for more advanced field options or multiple label formats, if required. What’s more, by eliminating the need for a PC or any additional software, AEP compatible printers save space and reduce both up-front investment and ongoing maintenance and software licensing costs, as well as offering a smaller footprint than alternative models.    


  • Cost saving - No need to purchase computers as you can use the device as a stand-alone printer
  • Small footprint as less material is used and is energy saving
  • Space saving as the printer is PC-free
  • Simple to use with minimal training – tailored features and screens to suit your business requirements
  • Easy to implement
  • Reduced operator skills with improved productivity
  • Ability to control multiple data streams
  • Manage other printers
  • Input data directly from peripheral devices


The Introduction of SATO Application Enabled Printing creates a new era in label printing efficiency for various industries. AEP offers a tailor-made and cost-effective solution for your label and tag printing.   Retail
  • Automatically calculate markdown prices
  • Input data to printer using a barcode scanner
  • Provide accurate information for consumers
Deliver effortless printing within your shop floor without taking up needed space. Enjoy simple printing for price changes, discounts, goods, return labelling and stock taking.   Warehouse & Logistic Centres 
  • Create and modify label templates quick and easy
  • Simplified printing for improved efficiency
  • Accurate labels and barcodes according to 3PL requirements
Elevate workflow efficiency to a max within warehouses and distribution centres. The printer can be used for multiple purposes which include shipping labels, date labels, racking labels, tracking, barcoding, inventory labels   Fast Food Chains
  • Space saving design with a small footprint
  • Automatically calculate best-before and use-by dates
  • Minimal training and simple to use
Businesses are always looking for ways to work better and more efficiently, especially within fast food chains. With our one-stop solution, you are able to print clear labels to identify crucial information which include expiry dates, price, ingredients, allergens, product information & preparation instructions.  


SATO FX3-LX Desktop Printer

sato fx3-lx desktop label printer The AEP-enabled SATO FX3-LX desktop label printer, available from AM Labels Limited, is an innovative and flexible solution for the production of high quality and exceedingly efficient three-inch wide labels. In addition to benefiting from a seven-inch full-colour LCD touch screen and high quality 305 dpi print resolution, the multi-functional FX3-LX has an easy-to-clean, anti-microbial casing, making it ideal for use in hospital and food manufacturing environments where hygiene and safety are paramount. With the option for battery powered operation, the FX3-LX is portable and can be employed for both handheld and trolley use, with an additional wall-mounted option also available. Click here to view Sato FX3-LX.  

SATO CT4-LX Stand-alone Desktop Printer

Sato ct4-lx stand alone desktop label printer A compact 4-inch label printer packed with powerful features and advanced support for barcode symbology’s, character sets and RFID encoding. The desktop printer is ideal for practical commercial and fast paced business environments as has been designed for a stress-free usage and to help save time while increasing workflow efficiency thanks to its (AEP) stand-alone-printing feature. Click here to view Sato CT4-LX  

SATO CL4NX Industrial Printer

SATO cl4nx thermal industrial label barcode printer A 4-inch industrial printer, perfect for high demand label and barcode printing. Designed to integrate seamlessly within existing workflows, while offering high-speed label printing with expanded operational capability. The next-generation CL4NX Plus Industrial Printer optimises precision, allowing for the growth and development in a variety of environments. Click here to view Sato CL4NX Plus   If you have any questions regarding SATO (AEP) Application Enabled Printing.. contact us today!