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The Top Five Handheld Computers of 2023 - Perfect for industrial and warehousing environments, as well as retail and logistics sectors

12th September 2023
The Top Five Handheld Computers of 2023 - Perfect for industrial and warehousing environments, as well as retail and logistics sectors

Handheld computers are ideal for stock management and inventory control requirements. They enable users to complete countless tasks including picking orders, tracking assets, completing stocktakes, scanning incoming and outgoing orders and replenishing stock. Additionally, handheld computers are a great asset for field sales and delivery purposes too.

As well as being cost effective, they come complete with a choice of connectivity options, meaning they can be used remotely or in large outdoor spaces, where Wi-Fi coverage is often poor. Many handheld computers also benefit from a high-resolution camera for applications where capturing images and videos is essential, such as logistics companies that require proof of delivery. Handheld computers are available in three main formats, conventional brick-style models, either with or without a pistol grip and smaller, PDA-style models, as well as wrist-mounted devices.

At AM Labels, our range of handheld computers is perfect for businesses operating in industrial and warehousing environments, as well as being suitable for use across shipping, retail and logistics sectors. Our comprehensive portfolio consists of a wide range of models from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Datalogic, Zebra and Honeywell, all of which are available at varying price points and are therefore suited to an assortment of budgets and business sizes.

We have compiled a guide on our five top rated, most popular and in-demand handheld computers of 2023. In addition to offering a range of features and benefits, including varying screen sizes, barcode scanning ranges and image capturing capabilities, the models listed below can all help to enhance workflow efficiency for businesses of different sizes.

The Datalogic Memor 11 Handheld Computer

The Datalogic Memor 11 is a mid-range handheld computer that is slim and compact, combining a five inch, multi-touch HD display with a 4,100mAh battery that can be easily and quickly replaced. The PDA-style device is reinforced with hardened glass and benefits from a drop resistance of up to 1.5 metres on concrete, while also offering users wireless charging, helping to reduce maintenance costs and promoting efficient charging. The Memor 11, which has a total weight of 285 g, has a semi-rugged, compact design, while featuring powerful, high performance processing capabilities and 4 GB of RAM. Additionally, it benefits from an ultra-slim, 2D scan engine designed for enhanced performance in poorly lit warehouse environments. When paired with Datalogic’s Green Spot technology, users can experience visual good-read feedback and increased accuracy and efficiency during scan-intensive settings.

The IP65 rated Memor 11 is designed for retail, warehousing, manufacturing, transport and logistics sectors. The device offers advanced battery management, a long-lasting, swappable battery and SafeSwap™ technology, which ensures uninterrupted continuity for increased productivity. Additionally, the handheld computer boasts a 13 megapixel, LED flash camera, Android 11 OS with Google Mobile Services and a chemical resistant enclosure that can withstand regular cleaning with disinfectant solutions. Two versions of the Memor 11 are available, a Wi-Fi only model and a Wi-Fi/cellular model.

Click here for more information on the Datalogic Memor 11 handheld computer.

The Zebra MC3300ax Handheld Mobile Computer

For businesses that require increased levels of efficiency and productivity, the rugged Zebra MC3300ax mobile computer benefits from support for Wi-Fi 6, providing unmatched Wi-Fi performance. The handheld computer features integrated device tracking technology, enabling users to track the device when lost, even when it is switched off or has run out of battery. In addition to coming complete with a 7000mAh extended capacity battery facilitating simple battery management and fewer changeovers, the device also offers x2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology, which boosts the Wi-Fi network capacity and range and enables access points to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously.

As well as benefitting from Bluetooth 5.1, the MC3300ax has a powerful 2.2 Hz octa-core processor and 4GB RAM/32GB Flash Memory. The optional 13 megapixel rear-facing camera enables users to capture high-resolution photos and videos, while the device also offers advanced data capture capabilities. Thanks to its powerful scan engine, the handheld computer can be used for short, mid or long range scanning, while capturing scratched, damaged or poorly printed barcodes with ease. Furthermore, it can also capture wide barcodes at close range.

The MC3300ax is a brick-style model, available either with or without a gun/pistol grip. The brick-style version has a weight of 474 g, while the gun/pistol grip version has a weight of 535 g. The MC3300ax supports both touch and physical keypad input. Three keypad options are available to choose from, alphanumeric, numeric or functional numeric, as well as an intuitive, four inch touch screen display. Despite featuring a lightweight, ergonomic design, the IP64 rated device benefits from a rugged exterior, combing a drop height resistance of up to 1.8 metres and Corning® Gorilla® Glass on the touch panel and scan window.

The MC3300ax forms part of the Zebra MC33xx Series, which also includes the MC3300 model and the MC3300x model.

Click here for more information on the Zebra MC330ax handheld mobile computer.

The Zebra MC9300 Handheld Mobile Computer

For businesses looking for an advanced model that can help to streamline manufacturing and warehousing processes, the ultra-rugged Zebra MC9300 is a high-end handheld mobile computer that combines a keypad and 4.3 inch touchscreen display. This model ensures that barcodes of almost any condition can be captured, and users can also interact with the screen with a stylus or when wearing thick gloves, as well as when the display is wet. In addition to offering a robust wireless connection, powerful 8-core processor and an optional 5 megapixel front camera and 13 megapixel rear facing camera for capturing detailed photos and videos, the MC9300 benefits from a PowerPrecision+ battery, providing long lasting power and fast charging. Furthermore, this model offers both indoor and outdoor readability, data input flexibility and SimulScan, which enables users to easily capture multiple barcodes on boxes and palettes.

The IP65 rated handheld computer, which has a total weight of 765 g, has a drop height resistance of up to 2.4 metres for added peace of mind and supports both touchscreen and keypad input, with up to eight field replaceable keypad options to choose from. The device benefits from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and VLC connectivity. In addition, it features Voice-over-IP (VoIP) support and pre-loaded and pre-licensed PTT Express, providing users with instant push-to-talk capability.

Click here for more information on the Zebra MC9300 handheld mobile computer.

The Zebra TC52x Touch Computer

The Zebra TC52x, part of the TC5x Series, is a rugged, PDA-style handheld computer that captures high-resolution images and videos thanks to the 13 megapixel colour rear camera and 5 megapixel front-facing camera. The device benefits from a five inch, high resolution, full-HD touch display that can be operated when wet, with a stylus or if the user is wearing gloves. The display offers good outdoor readability, even when used in bright sunlight. Thanks to its brand new SE4720 scanner, the TC52x captures both 1D and 2D barcodes, labels and documents with maximum motion tolerance and fast barcode capture. The device can also capture poor quality, damaged and dirty barcodes, in addition to capturing large barcodes, at close range, with ease. Furthermore, with a PowerPrecision+ high capacity battery, a two-minute warm swap mode and fast charging, the TC52x can help to boost productivity and reduce downtime.

The TC52x touch computer with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) benefits from an Android 10 OS, as well as a fast 2.45 GHz processor and new Universal Flash Storage (UFS). Furthermore, the IP68 and IP65 rated device has video call capability, boasting three microphones, high volume speakers and noise cancellation technology. The handheld computer, which has a total weight of 249 g, is robust and can be operated in rain, snow or dusty environments, as well as being able to withstand drops onto concrete of up to 1.2 metres and benefits from Corning® Gorilla® Glass for maximum scratch resistance and shatter-proofing.

Also included in the TC5x Series are a range of alternative models suitable for varying industries and applications, including the Wi-Fi only TC52ax model with Wi-Fi 6 and the Wi-Fi/cellular TC57x model.

Click here for more information on the Zebra TC52x touch computer.

The Zebra WS50 Wearable Computer

The Zebra WS50 wearable computer is a compact mobile device that is worn on the user’s wrist, in addition to offering additional modular mounting options for increased flexibility, including the ability to be worn on the back of the hand or two fingers. The mobile computer is lightweight and ergonomic, while robust and able to withstand both hot and cold conditions, as well as drops from up to 1.2 metres. The wrist device has a total weight of 70 g without the mount and 112 g with the mount.

Despite its compact size, the WS50 benefits from a 13 megapixel camera, capturing detailed, high resolution images and supporting barcode scanning, even when the barcodes are damaged, obscured or poorly printed. The scanner benefits from a wide field of view, meaning it can capture large or multiple barcodes with ease. Furthermore, thanks to Zebra’s Multi-Code Data Formatting, users can capture, format and transmit data on all barcodes on a label with a single press of the trigger.

The WS50 benefits from a two inch AMOLED touchscreen colour display, with programmable buttons that can be allocated to different functions including navigation, scanning and photo capture. The device is ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, retail and hospitality environments, featuring push-to-talk capability for users to communicate thanks to the device’s built-in speaker and microphone, as well as enabling users to connect a wireless Bluetooth headset for private communications. The WS50, which has IP65 sealing, benefits from fast charging and removable, hot-swappable batteries, as well as being equipped with a range of task management applications.

Click here for more information on the Zebra WS50 wearable computer.

To find out more about our range of handheld computers, or to book a demonstration at our state-of-the-art, Northamptonshire based Technical Experience Centre, please call the sales team on 01536 414 222 or email: [email protected]

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