Thermal printers has been around for years and is widely used across almost every industry. Yet, over the past year, the demand for thermal label printers have risen dramatically and are still expected to increasingly grow. Several industry types have adopted the use of thermal printing technology due to the reliability, speed, accuracy and the requirement of low-cost labels and barcodes.

 The latest demands include POS systems (point-of-sale), mobile, desktop printers and industrial thermal printers.

Industry Key Areas Include:

  • Retailers
  • Healthcare
  • Ecommerce
  • Manufacturers
  • Logistics

Why Thermal Printers & Who For?

Thermal label printers are widely used for printing barcodes and labels. They have been designed to offer on-demand; low-cost print runs yet produce precise, high-quality print results. Barcode labels can be used via packaging to trace product information, which will then efficiently enable accurate product tracking, minimise manual errors along with reducing labour costs.

Among end users which involve retail and consumer goods as data shows food, beverage, clothing and grocery will maintain dominance through to the coming years.

However, another division includes healthcare, hospital and hospitality sectors, the use of thermal printers has also risen at an all-time high. This is due to COVID-19 testing and keeping track of patient documents and test results along with increased use for receipt and ticket printing.

Thermal printers used within ecommerce is the next highest area to be rising, especially desktop label printers. Desktop thermal printers are perfect for small businesses who are in need of a low-cost printing solution and have been optimised for ease of use to help people who lack printing experience. In addition, are perfect for printing their own shipping / courier labels.

Best Thermal Printers Of 2021

Below we have chosen some of the most popular desktop and industrial thermal printers of 2020/21.

Zebra Thermal Printers

Zebra Desktop Printers Include

Industrial Printers Include

Toshiba Tec Thermal Printers

Toshiba Tec Desktop Printers Include

Toshiba Tec Industrial Printers Include

SATO Thermal Printers

SATO Desktop Printers Include

SATO Industrial Printers Include

Honeywell Thermal Printers

Honeywell Desktop Printers Include

Honeywell Industrial Printers Include

We also have a range of desktop thermal printers in which have recently been added to our store. This includes the CL-E300, CL-S621 and CL-E720.

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