Don’t let your business suffer with outdated printers that perform slow and in-efficient by taking advantage of Zebra’s trade-up programme by trading in your old thermal printer to a brand-new zebra thermal label printer!

Thanks to this amazing offer, you no longer have to worry about sudden breakdowns, expensive repair rates and unnecessary costs.

Think of your printer like a car, once the car gets old and breaks down and maintenance becomes expensive due to costly parts that are not manufactured anymore and they become slow and in-efficient. That is when it is time to scrap in your old car, for a shiny, brand-new car. So, the same goes for your printer!

By upgrading your thermal printer, this will help avoid the stress of breakdowns and extra costs, and the best part is, you receive a discount off your next zebra printer. More great benefits include:

  • You no longer have to worry about security and data risks
  • Old thermal printers tend not to match the latest technology
  • Latest range of zebra printers are extremely simple-to-use
  • Diminish break down costs and improve business efficiency
  • Packed with more features than ever, suiting all businesses requirements

Zebra's desktop printers are compact, simple to operate, reliable and cost effective. Trade-up to the latest Zebra printer todays, this includes GK, GX, ZD420, ZD500 and ZD620 Series today!

Zebra Discontinued Desktop Printers Include:

CPM 2030, GC420d, GC420t, GT800, GK420d Healthcare, GK420t Healthcare, H 2824-Z, HC100 Wristband, LP 2824, LP 2824 Plus, LP 2824-Z, LP 2844, LP 2844-Z, R402, TLP 2824, TLP 2824-Z, TLP 2844, TLP 2844-Z, TLP 3842 and TLP 3844-Z.

Zebra’s industrial printers are designed to produce high volumes of labels at high speeds. Trade-Up to the ZT220, ZT510, ZT610 or ZT411 today!

Zebra Discontinued Industrial Printers Include: 105SL, 105SL Plus, 110XiIII Plus, 110XI4, 140Xi4, 140XiIII Plus, 220XiIII Plus, 170Xi4, 140XiIII, 170XiIII1, 70XiIII Plus, 220XiIII, 2746e, 90XiIII, 90XiIII Plus, 96XiIII, 96XiIII Plus and S400.

Zebra’s mobile printers help produce productivity, precision and accuracy with mobile printers that are tailored to how they work and the job they do. Trade-Up to the ZQ300, ZQ500 or ZQ600 Series now!

Zebra Discontinued Mobile Printers Include:

EM220, EM220II, IMZ220, IMZ320, MZ220, MZ320, P4T, QL220 Plus, QLn220, QLn220 Healthcare, QL320 Plus, QLn320, QLn320 Healthcare, QL420 Plus, RW220, RW420 and RW420 Print Station.

Want To Find Out More?

If you would like to trade-in or trade-up your thermal label printer, please contact us today on 01536 414 222 or email: [email protected]