We have recently launched a brand-new range of thermal ribbons, brought to us by Inkanto (Armor). These risk-free ribbon feature an array of unique benefits which include:

  • Guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect
  • A free cleaning wipe for your print head, helping prolong the life of your print head
  • A full range of ribbons to fulfil almost every requirement
inkanto armor wax ribbons

What Is A Wax Thermal Ribbon?

A wax ribbon is a ribbon coated with an ink in which is made of wax-based components. They are the least expensive out of the ribbon range and are the most popular thermal ribbon for thermal printers. Wax ribbons deliver good print quality on rough vellum papers, matt coated papers and glossy coated paper surfaces.

Typical Uses For Inkanto (Armor) Wax Thermal Ribbons Include:

  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Crate
  • Distribution labels
  • Tags
  • Bag of parts/products
  • Signage and logos

What Are The Main Advantages Of Using Inkanto (Armor) Wax Thermal Ribbons?

Some main advantages for wax ribbons include great print quality ensuring a strong scan of barcodes, digits and characters. Low energy required, helping extend the life of your print head. The wax ribbon offers good ink blackness along with a fast print speed up to 12 ips (depending on the label/ribbon combination).

Available Grades Include:

  • CLUB: AWR 8

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Inkanto armor wax resin ribbons

What Is A Wax-Resin Ribbon?

Inkanto (Armor) wax-resin high performance ribbons are used for printing variable information on labels and flexible packaging. A wax-resin ribbon is made with a combination of wax and resin-based ingredients making it one of the most versatile ribbon in terms of usage. In comparison to the standard wax ribbon, the wax-resin thermal ribbons will print faster along with offering a stronger print durability.

Wax-resin thermal ribbons can print on most types of label and packaging film substrates which include:

  • Paper labels: Vellum, Coated and Glossy coated
  • Synthetic labels: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyester
  • Flexible packaging films

Typical Uses For Inkanto (Armor) Wax-Resin Thermal Ribbons Include:

  • Signages and logos                        
  • Frozen food packaging
  • Laboratory                        
  • Hot food packaging
  • Tags                                     
  •  Flexible packaging
  • Outdoor products
  •  Automotive
  • Medicine packaging
  • Distribution label
  • Fresh produce
  • Bag of parts
  • Bottle
  • Pallet
  • Shipping
  • Tyre

What Are The Main Advantages Of Using Inkanto (Armor) Wax-Resin Ribbons?

  • A multifunctional ribbon in which can be used for very broad label printing needs
  • Excellent print durability with good resistance to scratch, smear, scuffing and rubbing
  • Very good printing quality: the heat sensitivity of the ink provides a great sharpness and print precision
  • High speed capability: both on label materials (12 ips) and flexible packaging films (32 ips).
  • Excellent receptor multi-compatibility: paper labels, synthetic labels, flexible packaging.
  • Exceptional blackness meaning the high density of the ink (up to 2.2 ODR) provides a clear readability and barcode scanning

Available Grades Include:

  • ACCESS: APR 1 for Flat-head, APR 400 for Near-edge
  • CLUB: APR 6 for Flat-head, APR 600 for Near-edge
  • EXPERT: APX FH+ for Flat-head, APX 650 for Near-edge
  • SPECIALS: APR 503 and ULTRA V for Flat-head

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inkanto armor resin ribbons

What is a resin ribbon?
The Inkanto (Armor) resin ribbons provide a perfectly adapted answer to a large majority of applications. They have been specifically designed for the most demanding applications in need of resistance to mechanical stresses, high or low temperatures environments and solvents. Not to mention, Inkanto resin ribbons also provide the highest durability in comparison to any other thermal ribbon.

Resin ribbons deliver excellent print quality on:

  • Paper labels: Glossy coated
  • Synthetic labels: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyester,
  • Specific labels: Polyimide, Acrylate, textile
  • Flexible packaging films

Typical Uses For Inkanto (Armor) Resin Thermal Ribbons Include:

  • Laboratories
  • Signage and logos
  • Rating plate
  • Medical device
  • Industrial labels
  • Electrical component
  • Bag of parts/products
  • Blood bag
  • Plant marking
  • Chemicals
  • Printed circuit board
  • Care labels
  • Tyres
  • Frozen food packaging
  • Hot food packaging
  • Flexible packaging

What Are The Main Advantages Of Using Inkanto (Armor) Resin Ribbons?

  • High print durability even in very harsh environment:
  • Excellent resistance to solvents and to high temperature
  • Excellent resistance to smudge and scratch
  • Good resistance to high temperature
  • Excellent printing quality thanks to a high sharpness capability

Available Grades Include:

  • ACCESS: AXR 1 for Flat-head; AXR 100 for Near-edge
  • CLUB:  AXR 7+ for Flat-head; AXR 600 for Near-edge
  • EXPERT: AXR 8, AXR 9, AXR EL for Flat-head; AXR TX, AXR 800, AXR 900 for Near-edge

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