As it has been a difficult year, we have been focusing on a low-cost label and printing solution for small businesses. When you are a small business, looking for new ways to save money can be challenging, but lucky for you we have the perfect solution. One of our latest solution includes printing your own shipping and return labels in-house using a Zebra ZD220 desktop printer. This will help you helping you save valuable time, effort and money along with becoming more efficient in the long run.

Our shipping label printing solution consist of a low-cost zebra thermal label printer, stock box of labels and Bartender labelling software. To help you get started, we are currently offering your labelling software for FREE.

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Main Benefits For Buying Your Own Shipping Label Printer

Here are some main benefits of how printing your own shipping labels can make a huge impact on your business:

Make Your Business Look More Professional By Printing Your Own Postage Labels

Instead of handwriting your own address labels, you have the ability to customise and print your own labels. This is a great benefit, as not only does it make your business look more professional, but you can save a lot of time as it diminishes the need of sitting there writing out each label for every order.

Save Money

Instead of writing the address and details, cutting it out and then sticking it onto your parcel. Why not instantly print your own address labels, hassle-free! Create your own address template, print then attach it onto your parcel in a matter of seconds. It’s as easy as that!

Save Time & Cut Costs

We are offering a low-cost shipping labelling solution at an incredible cost. By purchasing your own thermal label printer package, you will be diminishing the costs of outsourcing your labels along with diminishing printing mistakes and so on.

More Secure

If you stick on your own address labels, the chances of the label getting torn of the package is high. Meaning your package will not get delivered and may be lost within transit. By printing and applying your own shipping labels, your package will be more secure and will minimise delivery problems for your parcels.

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