We are ecstatic to announce the introduction of our brand-new thermal ribbon range, from the world’s leading ribbon manufacturer… Inkanto (also known as Armor).

With hundreds of ribbon types, all ready to be shipped, Inkanto (Armor) ribbons are the most comprehensive thermal ribbons on the market.

If you would like to try a ribbon sample pack for free, please contact us and we will ship a free thermal ribbon sample pack.

The ribbon range is organised in a simple manner to make your ribbon selection as easy as possible. Available in wax, wax-resin and resin. If you would like to view or purchase your own ribbon, please click on the relevant section below.

Inkanto ribbon grades available in:


All what is needed for price driven businesses. 3 competitive ribbons with the usual ARMOR quality: AWR / 1APR / 1AXR 1.


The ribbons for everything. Cover 80% of the standard labelling needs with these 3 products: AWR / 8APR / 6AXR 7+


For the most demanding or specific applications with stringent requirements: AWX FH / APX FH+ / AXR 8 / AXR 9 / AXR EL (electronics) / AXR TX (textile)

Why Buy Inkanto (Armor) Ribbons?

The most extensive range in the market because it meets 99% of label and flexible packaging printing needs

Inkanto (Armor) thermal transfer ribbon range offers solutions for all businesses that are printing all types of variable information. The complete thermal ribbon range is supported by:

  • Ribbons made with the finest components: PET base film, chemical components, colour pigments, ribbon cardboard cores, decorative leader, packaging
  • Inkanto (Armor) thermal ribbons are guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect
  • Roll families are identified by colour codes, reducing sometimes costly ribbon identification errors
  • Each box contains a free print head cleaning wipe, which helps maximize your print head performance. Along with reducing the risks of poor print results
  • Long-term investments to benefit the future of this technology
  • Highest quality thermal ribbons made to meet environmental standards
  • Try before your buy and order a free ribbon sample pack
  • All ribbons are 100% designed and manufactured by ARMOR

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