AM Labels are in partnership with some of the biggest brands and we specialise in supplying thermal label printer solutions for all types of businesses to suit your needs and meet your budget. Below we have listed some of our favourite thermal printers of this year.

Check out our 7 best thermal label printers below:

Honeywell PX940 Industrial Thermal Printer

Honeywell PX940 is a high-performance industrial printer, with integrated label verification technology providing error-free barcode printing.

Honeywell PX940 printers are perfect for transportation and logistics, pharmaceutical and healthcare, shipping and distribution centres, industrial manufacturing, automotive parts suppliers’ applications.

Key Benefits For Honeywell PX940 Include

  • Integrated label verification technology checks and ensures that labels print accurately every time; instantly notifies you of pass/fail status and ANSI grade.
  • Extremely precise printing of up to +/-0.3 mm (0.012 in) virtually eliminates poor-quality, unreadable labels and barcodes.
  • Operational Intelligence software provides predictive analytics and data on printer health to help managers oversee their entire printer fleet and proactively prevent issues, ensuring maximum uptime.
  • Smart printing capability allows you to configure settings on the printer without the need for a host computer.
  • Easy to use and maintain, with a colour multilingual touchscreen interface, quick side-loading design, and a built-in printhead cleaning routine that provides optimal print quality and a longer printhead life.

If you would like more information on Honeywell PX490 thermal printer, please contact us.

Sato FX3-LX Desktop Printer

Sato FX3-LX is an all-in-one, 3-inch label printer which provides effortless label printing for complex operations and is compatible with various optional accessories – designed for today’s user interaction.

Suited to a wide range of industries with the ability to adapt to its environment. Industries include Food, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics.

Key Benefits For Sato FX3-LX Include

  • Improved efficiency, productivity, reduced costs while saving needed space
  • 3 inch print width, 305 dpi for high quality printing
  • Accurate label printing to prevent human errors and wastage, as you can display a preview of the label before printing
  • Printing speeds of 6-inches-per-second
  • 7” TFT- full-colour LCD touch screen (480 x 800)
  • Optimised applications (via SATO and SATO partners) for your unique business needs
  • Reduced desk space demands. Wall-mounted option available. Portability for hand-held or trolley use
  • Caters for multi-lingual clients and workforces with 47 printable languages and 31 user display languages
  • Branded and application-focused label and brand-new production facilities
  • Supports compliance with food regulations
  • Easy to clean with an anti-bacterial coating for usage within a kitchen and hospital environment
  • SATO Online Services (SOS) remote, proactive maintenance solution for prompt support, wear part notification and reporting

If you would like to view Sato FX3-LX thermal desktop printer, please click here.

Sato CT4-LX Smart Label Printer

Bring efficiency and productivity to the next level with Sato CT4-LX smart label printer. The smart yet intuitive label printer produces accurate labels and barcodes at an incredible 8-inches-per-second.

Industry sectors include but are not limited to, retail, food & beverage logistics, healthcare, transport and logistics, wholesalers, government applications, schools & universities, supply chain, manufacturing and more.

Key Benefits For Sato CT4-LX

  • Eco-friendly printing with zero label wastage - enabling users to print from the first label onwards
  • Easy operation with 4.3-inch colour touch screen
  • Supporting various communication interfaces
  • Hassle-free media & ribbon set up – making it easy to load labels and ribbons
  • Space saving design – ideal for small workplaces
  • Simple print setup with media profile registration – commonly printed labels can be set up to appear on the home screen for an easy selection for future use
  • Enhanced connectivity with multiple interface support – meaning you can connect a wide range of external devices to the printer
  • Helps you save on installation and maintenance costs as minimal equipment is needed
  • Suitable for global installation - supporting 31 languages for display and 47 printable languages
  • Guidance support videos available – such a loading media and ribbons and replacing consumables
  • Equipped with SOS (Sato Online Services) to prevent problems

If you would like to view Sato CT4-LX desktop thermal printer, please click here.

Zebra ZT421 Industrial Printer

Zebra ZT421 is a high-performance, industrial printer which has been designed to take label and barcode printing performance to the next level.

The rugged printer features advanced technology which includes a 4.3-inch full colour touch screen display which enables you to see the printer’s status at just a glance. It has a print width of 6 inches and can print up to 12 inches per second.

Zebra ZT421 printers are ideal for many industries which include:

  • Manufacturing – work-in-progress, product ID / serial numbers, package labelling, receiving / put-away labelling
  • – order picking / packing, shipping / receiving, cross-docking, compliance labelling
  • Retail – distribution centres, back-of-store operations
  • Healthcare – laboratory labelling, blood bank labelling, asset tracking, pharmacy labelling

Key Benefits For Zebra ZT421 Include

  • Print width up to 6.8 inch / 173mm
  • Maximum print speed up to 12 inches-per-second / 305mm inches-per-second
  • The ZT400 comes standard with Ethernet, Serial, USB, dual USB Host and Bluetooth 4.1. Add the optional dual-band wireless card with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for blazing fast and reliable wireless connections
  • Print resolution options include 203 dpi / 8 dots per mm or 300 dpi / 12 dots per mm (optional)
  • A metal frame and bi-fold metal media cover with enlarged clear viewing window
  • Simplify data entry by simultaneously connecting a scanner and keyboard — with two host ports, there’s no need to plug and unplug peripherals
  • The 4.3-inch full-colour touch display allows you to quickly navigate printer settings with the user-friendly icon menu system to change languages, printer settings, connectivity options and more.

If you would like to view Zebra ZT421 industrial thermal printer, please click here.

Sato CL4NX Plus Industrial Label Printer

Sato CL4NX is a high-quality industrial printer which offers efficient label and barcode printing for mid-range and high-end label printing applications.

The machine enables the reduction of labour costs and down time as a result of fewer media changes. as well as benefitting from format flexibility. With enhanced media options, the printer can reduce existing label sizes, saving costs and providing a significant boost to value chain sustainability.

The printer optimises print precision, increases printing speeds along with expanding operational capabilities and is suitable for the below applications:

  • Healthcare / hospitals, doctors, chemists
  • Retail and back of store environments
  • Food industries, bakeries, takeaways
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics

Main Benefits For Sato CL4NX Plus Include

  • 14ips printing speed even at 305pi
  • Increased precision for micro label applications
  • 80% more media capacity
  • SATO Online Services (SOS) enabled
  • Simple to operate
  • High printing accuracy
  • Keeps operations running for longer
  • Best in class ribbon core (30% larger roll compared to other label printers)
  • Plug-and-play – an easy set up with low maintenance
  • Benefits from Sato’ latest software AEP (Application Enabled Printing). With AEP, we can create custom applications to cater your on-site operational needs
  • Able to manage printers at multiple locations from anywhere, anytime

If you would like to view Sato CL4NX thermal printer, please click here.

Toshiba TEC B-EX4T2 Industrial Barcode Label Printer

Toshiba Tec B-EX4T2 is a high-quality yet cost-effective printing solution and has been specifically designed for a range of demanding industrial environments.

The B-EX4T2 is capable of printing labels at speeds of up to 12 inches per second with the 203dpi/300dpi models, along with advanced processing power which ensures fast output and efficient throughout.

Toshiba TEC B-EX4T2 printers are perfect for transportation and logistics, pharmaceutical and healthcare, shipping and distribution centres, industrial and manufacturing applications.

Main Benefits Of Toshiba B-EX4T2 Include:

• Low cost industrial label printing
• Flat head print head technology for compatibility with competitor estates
• Cost-effective, for legacy system replacement
• High-specification, high-throughput, high-performance and extremely durable
• Longest ribbon in the marketplace. (800m)
• USB and Ethernet as standard; optional interfaces are serial, parallel and WLAN
• Emulation for quick & easy replacement of competitor’s products

If you would like to view Toshiba B-EX4T2 industrial thermal printer, please click here.

Zebra ZD220 Desktop Thermal Printer

Zebra ZD220 is a affordable, 4-inch desktop printer which produces labels and barcodes up to an incredible 4-inches-per-second.

Built to last for years, Zebra ZD220 provides an outstanding return on investment for businesses. It is ideal for use within busy work environments which include retail industries, transportation and logistics, light manufacturing and healthcare applications to print tickets, tags, passes, labels, receipts and barcodes.

Key Benefits Include:

  • A basic desktop printer with a simple operation
  • Quickly print labels up to 4-inches-per-second, at 203dpi resolution
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Cost-effective label and barcode printing
  • 256 MB Flash and 128 MB SDRAM; optional peeler

If you would like to view Zebra ZD220 desktop thermal printer, please click here.

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