Designed to optimise precision yet deliver fast and exceedingly efficient print runs, our latest range of SATO printers are ideal for use within a wide range of label printing applications. Our latest models include the award-winning label printers SATO CT4-LX and SATO FX3-LX. They provide effortless label printing for complex operations and is compatible with various optional accessories – developed for today’s user interaction.

The thermal desktop printers is suited to most industry types and can adapt to any type of environment due to their customisable technology. You can access your custom printing applications thanks to their large colour touch-screens or if you need additional data input, you can achieve this by easily connecting peripheral devices such as barcode scanners, numeric keypad, weighing scales or keyboards. Making it ideal for those on-demand, busy environments for food and drink, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and logistic markets.



Customise Your Printer Operation With SATO (AEP) Application Enabled Printing

SATO have recently launched a powerful, intelligent printing technology in which enables customisation of your SATO CT4-LX and FX3-LX desktop thermal printers, helping simplify labelling operations, improve productivity while reducing business costs. Our talented in-house engineers have received comprehensive training on all aspects of AEP software development, allowing the company to provide its customers with a functional, efficient and user-friendly solution to label production. AEP can be personalised to suit each business’s individual printing requirements, providing the capacity for more advanced field options or multiple label formats, if required. Watch the video below to find out more on SATO AEP or if you have any questions, please contact us today.

SATO CT4-LX Desktop Label Printer Features 

  • Eco-friendly printing with zero label wastage - enabling users to print from the first label on wards
  • Easy operation with 4.3-inch colour touch screen
  • Supporting various communication interfaces
  • Hassle-free media & ribbon set up – making it easy to load labels and ribbons
  • Space saving design – ideal for small workplaces
  • Simple print setup with media profile registration – commonly printed labels can be set up to appear on the home screen for an easy selection for future use
  • Enhanced connectivity with multiple interface support – meaning you can connect a wide range of external devices to the printer
  • Helps you save on installation and maintenance costs as minimal equipment is needed
  • Suitable for global installation - supporting 31 languages for display and 47 printable languages
  • Guidance support videos available – such a loading media and ribbons and replacing consumables
  • Equipped with SOS (Sato Online Services) to prevent problems
  • Auto clone printer settings
  • Cut printer downtime by 86% *Based on survey conducted by SATO in Japan

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SATO FX3-LX Printer Features

  • 3 inch print width, 305 dpi for high quality printing
  • Accurate label printing to prevent human errors and wastage, as you can display a preview of the label before printing
  • Printing speeds of 6-inches-per-second
  • 7” TFT- full-colour LCD touch screen (480 x 800)
  • Optimised applications (via SATO and SATO partners) for your unique business needs
  • Caters for multi-lingual clients and workforces with 47 printable languages and 31 user display languages
  • Supports compliance with food regulations
  • Easy to clean with an anti-bacterial coating for usage within a kitchen and hospital environment
  • SATO Online Services (SOS) remote, proactive maintenance solution for prompt support, wear part notification and reporting

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