A colour label printer keeps you in control of your label production, on demand, when you need it. Don't let long lead times on pre-printed labels or artwork changes put you behind.
We have highlighted a selection of our range of printers below, contact us for printed samples on any of our machines and we can also off an in-depth video demonstration.

Entry Level Colour Label Printers Ideal starting point for bringing printing labelling in-house. Pricing from £1000.00 (exc VAT)

Epson ColorWorks c3500

EPSON COLORWORKS C3500 Affordable and compact, the Epson ColorWorks C3500 is an 4 inch entry-level pigment based inkjet printer. Easy to use and perfect for first time labelling users; it’s simple to load media and set up a label with the provided Nicelabel software. With printing speeds up to 4 inches per second, the C3500 is ideal for short bespoke labelling runs.


Mid Range Colour Label Printers Gives higher label throughput at a lower cost per label than entry level printers. Quality of printed label also improved. Pricing from £2400.00 (exc VAT)

Afinia L701 Label Printer

AFINIA L701 Ideal for small to medium sized companies looking to print vibrant full colour, high quality labels in-house, the L701 is Afinia’s lowest cost offering with Memjet technology. With its small footprint for a Memjet technology printer, combined with significant capacity cartridges of 150ml makes high quality label printing achievable at a lower initial price point.

  Epson Colorworks c6500

EPSON COLORWORKS C6500 The latest printer in the Epson Colorworks range, the C6000 series comes in a 8 inch print offering (C6500). The C6500 has two variants, one with a auto-cutter and the other a built in peeler. The C6500 offers a unapparelled warranty and extended warranty options for headache free ownership.


Industrial Ideal for higher throughput, gives the lowest cost per label and certain printers have a improved print durability or the ability to print white.

  Epson colorworks c7500g

EPSON COLORWORKS C7500G Tried and tested industrial colour label printer, the Epson ColorWorks C7500G is used in applications from food to chemical labels. Featuring Epson’s PrecisionCore printhead with unique Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) and dot substitution to ensure consistent prints and prevent dead pixels in the middle of a print run.

  Afinia L801

AFINIA L801 RANGE The L801 range are high performance colour inkjet printers powered by Memjet technology. Ideal for just-in-time on-demand labelling requirements, the L801 is ideal for short and long high definition printing runs at a super high 1600dpi resolution. The L801 Plus uses watershield ink which provides enhanced durability for water exposed labels compared to the standard L801.

  Afinia L901

AFINIA L901 The latest Memjet based printer from Afinia, which utilises the new Sirius print engine. This technology provides the user a higher level of consistent printing, with the ability to service and maintain the printhead "on-the-fly". This makes the L901 perfect for long roll-to-roll print jobs or inline integration applications.

  Anytron Any002

ANYTRON ANY002 The Anytron new any-002 offers our most durable print option with its LED print technology. The any-002 also benefits from a wider range of compatible label media due to its OKI toner based print engine. The any-002 is ideal for chemical applications or where print durability is vital. This printer can give BS5609 compliance.

  OKI Pro1050

OKI PRO1050 - Print in White The OKI Pro1050 White Ink Printer built with the latest OKI digital LED technology. Ideal for a wide range of applications, the toner technology allows a increased range of media options than standard inkjet. Five Colour Printing (CMYKW) The Pro1050 includes the fifth colour option. Using white as a fifth colour allows much greater flexibility in the design of your printed labels. The white can be used as a background on transparent and metallic substrates, ideal for promotional product labels