AM Labels Limited (AML), a leading label printing machine specialist, label manufacturer, barcoding and software solution expert based in Northamptonshire, has expanded its in-house label production capacity with the addition of the brand new Daco FLX350 Flexographic Label Press to streamline procedures and enhance its capabilities. Tony Mariani, Managing Director, AM Labels Limited says: “The investment in the new Daco FLX350 will help to satisfy the demand for high volume, single colour labels to support the growing sales of thermal label printers and colour label printers. “We already offer a wide range of blank labels to purchase via our website, however, the new label press will enable us to launch a new range of coloured labels, also known as tinted or colour washed. “The addition of the new Daco will be a huge benefit to all our customers as the new machine is ideal for the production of black mark labels for colour printers including the Epson C7500G, the Afinia L801 and the OKI Pro 1050.” Designed to simplify the printing process and increase accuracy, the Daco FLX350 incorporates the very latest flexo printing technology, including servo control of the printing and cutting stations; touch screen computer control of the majority of functions and cut to register. The machine delivers high volume with tremendous accuracy, with the cut to register facility that enables black mark labels to be produced with superb accuracy, 0.25 mm. Not only is the Daco both flexible and versatile, set-up times have been greatly reduced and print speeds increased with the advantage of expanding the company’s capacity. The Daco FLX350 has both water and UV based printing systems each with their own advantages. The water-based ink system is good for low cost tinted labels, which is better suited for some thermal printers. The UV ink provides a highly durable print where water and chemical resistance is imperative. David Lee, Production Manager, AM Labels Limited comments: “We are continually investing in our print operation to ensure that we offer our customers the very highest quality and most cost-effective labels. In addition to being flexible, efficient and economical, the Daco FLX350 maintains an exceptionally high print quality while minimising material waste, making it an ideal investment for the company. “We are committed to raising standards for our customers and, as we look towards the future in the dynamic industry in which we operate, this newest addition to our wide ranging portfolio will enable us to extend our in-house offering and ensure that we can both respond to, and exceed, the ever-evolving consumer demand across a wide range of industries and applications.” For more information on how AM Labels Limited can support your business and improve standards for your customers please call the sales team on 01536 414222 or email: [email protected]