Full Colour Label Printer - 8 Inch Print Width. NOW IN STOCK

The new Epson ColorWorks C6500 offers a fantastic mix of printing high quality full colour labels, at a low capital cost for the printer. The C6500 allows you to print product ready labels time after time, as soon as you need them. The Epson C6500 allows printing up to 8 inch wide labels, not seen before on a Epson colorworks printer with a DPI this high. Using Epson’s PrecisionCore CMYK pigment ink technology, you get vibrant labels with the durability pigment ink gives you. Also available with a built-in peeler.


We have a demonstration unit in-house, so can produce sample labels for you of your artwork. On-site demonstrations are currently on hold, but we can record a video of the Epson printing your labels for you to see it in action. This is a great opportunity to see if the new Epson can meet the needs of your labelling. Simply use our CONTACT FORM to request samples of your artwork printed, or a standard sample pack. Already had a quote on the printer? LET US BEAT THE PRICE you have been quoted elsewhere, and you can have the piece of mind that you are working with a Epson Gold partner who also tests and manufacturers labels for the Epson on-site in our label production facility. Talk to our sales team today - [email protected] - 01536 414 222 [caption id="attachment_3561" align="alignleft" width="300"]Epson ColorWorks C6500 More information on the Epson ColorWorks C6500[/caption]