The latest in Zebra’s Industrial printer range takes significant strides forward in providing customers with easy to use technology, whilst producing the best results for your business. The ZT220 is the result of Zebra pushing themselves to create a product with their customers needs clearly in mind.  A replacement for the Zebra S4M, the ZT220 is part of the ZT200 series offering huge upgrades in the performance of Zebra Mid-Range/Industrial printers.

Improved Durability

Built for light industrial and commercial environments, the ZT220, with its metal frame, is stronger and more durable than its predecessor enabling it to operate in harsher conditions. Zebra have maintained this durability with a high-impact polymer casing, offering strong protection from potential damages in less secure working conditions. This improved level of durability, combined with minimal maintenance required, results in a printer producing an optimal performance level in a wider range of operating environments.

Effortless Integration and Media Loading

The Zebra ZT220 becomes the first thermal printer to incorporate a side loading design with a unique bi-fold door, enabling the printer to fully open up within a workspace of just 4 inches. This maximizes your own workspace whilst still offering the capabilities of larger printers. The innovative design not only saves space, but eases the process of changing ribbons and labels within the printer. Internal colour coded cues offer visual guides to changing media and ribbons, ensuring even the most inexperienced of users can operate efficiently.

Offering an extensive range of connectivity options, the ZT220 will integrate easily in to any existing setup. Including USB 2.0 and RS-232 Serial as standard, further options include Parallel, 10/100 Ethernet and 802.11 a/b/g/n, giving full compatibility to almost any connection method you choose. Zebra have once again created an ideal printer to slot effortlessly in to any pre-existing company system or network.

Improved Print Quality and Speed

Both the speed and quality of the print are two major influences in helping businesses decide on a printer. The Zebra ZT220 offers customers both of these with 6 inches per second print speed and 300dpi print quality, making it able to compete with the best industrial printers on the market. The ZT220 maintains the print speed at both 203 and 300dpi, offering a fast printing solution for high quality labels. Improved Flash and RAM memory of 128mb each, both significantly higher than competitive models, enable the ZT220 to give much faster response times and process jobs much faster. This all adds to the overall speed of the printer, and contributes to a smooth running, efficient answer to most industrial printing problems.

Key Specifications

Print Method Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer
Maximum Print Speed 6 inches/152mm per second
Print Resolution 203/300dpi
Standard Connectivity USB, Serial
Max Print Width 4.09 inches/104mm
Max Ribbon Length 300m



The capabilities of the Zebra ZT220 enable it to provide a complete solution for any business looking to print labels in house within an industrial environment. The pure simplicity of this printer pushes it far ahead of its rivals and makes it a perfect choice for users unfamiliar with label printing. Its many connectivity options give it the ability to slot effortlessly in to other systems, and its side loading design make changing media and ribbon incredibly easy. With limited training for employees needed in this regard, and a strong casing to protect a powerful printer, the ZT220 provides a complete package for any thermal printing requirements.


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