Selecting the correct Thermal Label Printer for your business needs can be a challenging task, particularly with little knowledge or experience of the subject. Thankfully, thermal printers can be split down into three categories Desktop Printers, Mid-Range Printers, and Industrial Printers. Each of these categories relate to the type of environment and the quantity of labels that are going to be produced using it. We have produced a helpful guide below but if you need any help in choosing the right label printer, please give our team a call on 01536 414 222 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Desktop Thermal Label Printers

The simplest and most common type of thermal printer available on the market is a desktop printer. These are small and compact, and suitable for any office environment. Perfect for small print runs of up to 1000 labels per day and with smaller costs than the other printer categories; they offer good value for small label printing requirements. With a smaller footprint, desktop printers are perfect for producing smaller runs in a space constrained environment. Desktop printers usually have a print width of between 2-4 inches, meaning any larger requirements would need a mid-range or industrial printer. Key Features/ Benefits
  • Print Width – 2-4 inches
  • Print Speed – Up to 6 Inches Per Second
  • Cost – from £160 to £500
  • Small Footprint
  • Print up to 1000 labels per day
Zebra ZD420 Thermal Label Printer Zebra ZD500 Thermal Label Printer Intermec PC43D Thermal Label Printer

Midrange Thermal Label Printers 

Mid-Range printers offer an intermediate solution between the low volume printing of a desktop printer, to the more robust, powerful printing of the industrial level printers. Mid-Range printers can produce up to 10,000 labels per day, making them very useful for small to medium print runs that will cover the majority of business needs. Mid-Range printers will mostly have a 4 inch print width, making them larger than most desktop printers, and can also take a thermal ribbon of up to 450m. In turn these are then more efficient as fewer ribbon changes are needed during a print run, causing less frequent printer down time. Key Features/ Benefits
  • Print Width – 4 inches
  • Print Speed – 6 Inches per Second
  • Cost – Starting from £580
  • Larger compatible label rolls/ ribbons
  • More Rugged Design
  • Print up to 10000 labels per day
Cab EOS2 Zebra ZT220 Thermal Label Printer

Industrial Thermal Label Printers

Industrial Thermal Printers are the most powerful selection of printers available. They are used for printing upwards of 10,000 labels per day. Being more rugged in design lends Industrial Printers the advantage of being able to operate in harsher environments and survive more user wear. These two factors combined make industrial printers ideal for large warehouse operations, where the printer may be more exposed to adverse conditions. Industrial Thermal Printers can also reach much faster print speeds, printing up to 14 inches per second, which is significantly faster than both desktop and mid-range printers. 600m ribbons are compatible with industrial printers, further improving on the efficiency of the Mid-Range printers. Key Features/ Benefits
  • Print Width – up to 8 inches
  • Print Speed - up to 14 inches second
  • Cost – Prices from £600 to £3500
  • Can take ribbon lengths of 450m to 600m
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Print over 10,000 labels per day
Zebra ZT420 Thermal Label Printer Cab Squix Thermal Label Printer Toshiba B-EX4T2 Thermal Label Printer

If you need any help with thermal label printers please contact us today.