AM Labels are happy to announce the introduction of an all new entry level colour label printer to our line up – The Afinia L301! Producing professional quality labels in house has never been easier! With the L301, a small, yet powerful device, you have the flexibility to produce high resolution labels from the comfort of your own home or office. Eliminate lead times, setup fees, plate changing fees and minimum order quantities associated with outsourcing your label production, and take complete control of your label printing! On Demand Labels – Saving you Time and Money Save time and save money. The easy-to-use L301 totally eliminates reliance on third-party lead times and dramatically decreases your total cost per label. Thanks to countless advances in printing technology, more specifically manufacturing and ink layering processes, the cost of both owning and running a colour printer has gone down rapidly. It is now a competitive and much more flexible solution for your average business owner. With the L301, there is no need to worry about maintaining pre-printed label inventory or missing out on key time-sensitive opportunities. Take for example the pitfalls of outsourcing label production. First you have to place your order, and then there is a lengthy back and forth process while your materials and design are prepared for printing – which alone could take weeks. After this, your labels are printed, packaged and sent. But here lies the problem. What if the colour is not right? What if the size is wrong? What if there is an unforeseen regulatory change that is critical to your industry and you now need to redesign your entire portfolio? This is obviously incredibly costly. This problem is amplified even further if you are a business that sells a wide range of products in small quantities. Third party solutions typically charge a premium for small label runs, and if you don’t want to pay a premium, then you will have to order more labels than you actually need – wasting even more money and space. This is not the case with the L301. Label designs, in any quantity can be printed with a click of a button! No longer will you be reliant on third party providers for your colour labels or be forced to carry more inventory than you comfortably require - wasting precious space and money. This opens up the door to a whole array of benefits such as dramatically improving organisational flexibility as well as enabling new promotional opportunities such as seasonal product labelling and even private labelling products for customers.

Produce your own Vibrant and Eye-Catching Labels

The use of colour plays an integral part in the customer decision making process.  With colour labels on your products, your brand, with its uniqueness and personality can be far more easily portrayed, giving you the opportunity to standout from the crowd when it comes to the marketing of your products. Not only this, the use of colour labels can help increase brand recognition, influence mood, show associations and enhance the meaning of your product messages and with the ability to print labels in house with the L301, different combinations of product labels can be rapidly prototyped and field tested, allowing for a far more granular level of control than otherwise would be feasible with an outsourced label printing solution. The L301 utilises a cutting edge HP Inkjet based printhead, producing highly vivid, optimized colour at a resolution up to 4800 x 1200 dpi resulting in professional looking labels that work to truly set your products apart and with Individual ink tanks, ensures minimal ink wastage and very competitive price-per-label figures.

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If you would like to learn more about how the Afinia L301 or our range of colour printers can benefit your business, contact our expert sales team at: [email protected] or alternatively call us on 01536 414 222, where we can work to understand your requirements and recommend the perfect combination of hardware and label media for you.