The Cipherlab 1166 is a Bluetooth barcode scanner, with the ability to walk around freely and not having to worry about wires which could cause many issues when trying to get on with the job without disruptions. The Cipherlab 1166 offers flexible barcode scanning, this allows the user to scan from distances ranging from 1cm up to 45cm, and then we have the Bluetooth communications which is used to transfer the information from the Cipherlab 1166 to the hosting device. This device can be connected to the hosting device for up to 100 meters, allowing plenty of freedom to move around whilst scanning, when it comes to being further than the 100 meters you would then be able to use the “Batch Mode” which will allow any user to store up to 8195 scans which can be later downloaded to the hosting device. If there is more than one Cipherlab scanner in use at the time, they can also be linked up to the hosting device which will allow up to 7 devices to use its Bluetooth capability in order to get the best performance from its products. For any further enquiries about products email [email protected] or call 01536 414222 today and speak to one of our friendly sales assistants, who will be more than happy to help!