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  1. 17th October 2011

    Low cost handheld computer, the Cipherlab 9600!

    Now available on AM Labels online store is the Cipherlab 9600 handheld computer. The Cipherlab 9600 has all the features needed to achieve well-organized, accurate data capture in the workplace. With the Windows CE it is able to run your applications allowing you to keep your work flow going. We can all get lost traveling about, but due to the...
  2. 17th October 2011

    Low cost rugged handheld computer, the Cipherlab 9300!

    Now available on AM Labels online store is the Cipherlab 9300 handheld computer. The Cipherlab 9300 handheld, designed for the roughest environments it has a rugged design able to withstand 1.5M drops, it also has a rating of IP 64. When you get your hands on the Cipherlab 9300 you will see that it can deliver productivity which you couldn’t...
  3. 7th October 2011

    Rugged handheld computer, the Cipherlab 9400!

    With the Cipherlab 9400 you will be able to manage more information, using the 2 megapixel camera, full alphanumeric keypad and touchscreen, the Cipherlab 9400 can be fully integrated into numerous working environments to make completing work easier and faster.
  4. 5th October 2011

    Feel free, with the Cipherlab 1166 Bluetooth Scanner!

    The Cipherlab 1166 is a Bluetooth barcode scanner, with the ability to walk around freely and not having to worry about wires which could cause many issues when trying to get on with the job without disruptions.
  5. 24th December 2009

    The Years Movers and Shakers

    Who has come and gone this year? Who is the newbie on the scene? What's changed in the world of labelling and barcoding?

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