Who has come and gone this year? Who is the newbie on the scene? What's changed in the world of labelling and barcoding?
Well, the labelling and barcoding world has seen many changes in 2009. On top of the recession, the up and down fluctuations of the Euro has made 2009 challenging for the industry. But alongside the bad the good prevails with new innovations in technology to make our life's easier in business.
The Highlights

The first quarter starting the New Year with a buzz, AM Labels took over Applied Labels, extending production facilities to cope with demand.
The new VIP VP485 has made high volume colour inkjet printing more affordable, faster and in a more compact form factor, with an increased resolution (up to 4800x1200dpi) and increased print width (up to 8.5 inches) it caters for a wide variety of colour printing applications. The 3D2015 Label Dispenser was released to offer a simple effective method of dispensing labels on-demand.

Spring saw new heights for Tec, releasing their first 600dpi printer - the Tec B-SX600 for specialist printing needing incredibly accurate and fine printing. The B-SX600 will print on labels as small as 3mm in height at an incredible 600 x 1200 dpi ultra-high resolution.
Zebra released their smallest portable printer, The EM 220 is perfect in customer-facing environments or when users will be wearing the printer for long periods.
AM Labels added Epos systems and software to their portfolio, offering low cost hardware and software choices for retailers starting out, or looking to switch from a till. Epos systems start with single store systems up to a fully integrated system for multiple stores and tills.

Summer kicked off with a brand new Datalogic Gryphon offering a more ergonomically designed and lightweight barcode scanner with a faster read rate and improved IP rating.
Epson launched a new colour label printer the TM-C3400, Primera introduced the AP360 bottle labeller and Zebra announced the new G-series printers.
AM Labels joined the world of Twitter with open arms and is excited to find out the latest and greatest goings on in the world of labelling and barcoding.

Autumn saw revolutionary new technology from Motorola with their MC9500, incorporating a universal accessory system, groundbreaking modular technology, and improved day-to-day management. Motorola also launched the MT2000 that has added computer functionality and technological updates on top of the Symbol P360/P370/P460/P470 scanners.
Zebra launched the newly improved Zebra LP2824/TLP2824 plus printers and the new Zebra Xi4 high performance label printer with more memory, a faster print speed and Ethernet as standard.
Jewellery labelling arrived in style with a label printer, professional labelling software and a variety of different jewellery labels to suit individual stores.
Nearly the end of the year but that doesn't stop us looking for the best products to offer our customers. December has seen new product offerings for visitor management, memory scanning and the launch of Label Focus - our new focal point for everything labelling.
Check out the full list below:

New Discontinued
Cipherlab 1660
Datalogic Gryphon GM4100 Datalogic Gryphon D100
Datalogic Powerscan Datalogic Dragon
Datalogic Powerscan Datalogic Lynx
Datamax E-4204 Datamax E-4203
Datamax M-Class II Datamax M-Class
Epos Software & Systems
Epson TM-C3400
Honeywell Dolphin 9550 & 9551 Honeywell Dolphin 9500 & 9501
Intermec PF8 Intermec PC4
Jewellery Labelling System
KoamTac KDC100
Koamtac KDC200
Magicard Enduro
Magicard Tempo
Motion F5 Motion LS800
Motion LE1700 Motion LE1600
Motorola MC9500-K Motorola MC9000-K
Motorola MT2000 Symbol P360/P370/P460/P470
N/A Symbol MC35
O'Neil MF8i O'Neil 8i
Opticon OPN2001
Opticon OPN2002
Primera AP360
Psion Workabout Pro G2 Psion Workabout Pro G1
Symbol LS3578ER/FZ Symbol LS3478ER/FZ
Symbol LS4208
Symbol MC3100
Symbol MC55 Symbol MC50
Tec B-SX600 N/A
VIP VP485 VIP VP2020
Visibadge Software
Zebra LP/TLP2824 Plus Zebra LP2824, TLP2824
Zebra GK420, GX420 Zebra LP2844, TLP2844
Zebra XP Card Printer