A Cost-Effective & Super Productive Colour Label Printer


If you are looking to bring your labelling production in-house, then the Epson C6500 Series is the one for you. Packed with benefits, these exciting new printers offers high-speed label printing at an incredible 5-inches-per-second while enhancing workflow productivity. It is ideal for businesses who are looking for a flexible yet cost-effective way to produce labels. You are also able to produce one-off labels for craft businesses who need individual label requirements like personalised candles, gin and vodka bottles.

The Epson C6500 is available in two variants (CW-C6500Ae and CW-C6500Pe), one with a auto-cutter and one with a built-in peeler option.

Both printers use Epson’s PrecisionCore Print Technology, not to mention featuring four individual pigment ink cartridges giving you long-lasting, durable prints eliminating the need for pre-printed labels in demanding environments.

Who is the Epson C6500 Series Aimed At?

The label printers open an array of opportunities for small to medium businesses who need a cost-effective printing solution and have been designed to help transform all types of business including:

  • Food and beverage sectors
  • Vape shops
  • Pet shops
  • Box labelling
  • Chemical labelling
  • Cosmetics
  • Product labelling
  • Tea and Coffee Labels
  • Logistics
  • Horticulture
  • Print and apply

Features Of Epson C6500

Built-in peeler feature

This Epson C6500 is perfect for print and apply environments such as logistics and box labelling. You can easily apply the label after printing as the printer features a built-in peeler meaning it automatically removes the backing paper.

High Quality Printing – Up To 1200 DPI

Achieve vibrant, high-resolution label prints along with ICC profile and colour matching tool for when accuracy is essential.

Durable Inks

Print smooth durable labels with variable size droplet technology and ultra-chrome DL pigment inks

Engineered with variable size droplet technology and ultra-chrome DL pigment inks, you are now able to print accurate.

Media flexibility

The movable sensor allows printing in any shape from 25mm – 215mm and supports glossy, matte and textured substrate.

High-speed Printing

Boost your productivity by printing labels at an incredible 5 inches per second.

LCD display screen

The C6500 features a intuitive 2.7 inch colour screen, giving you all the important information at a glance. You can instantly check your printer status to help decrease misprints .

A Simple & Easy To Use Label Printer

  • You can easily replace the ink cartridges as the ink cartridge access is from the front
  • Easy to load spindle design making it easy and quick process to change between label sizes

Integrated with a wide range of systems:

  • Legacy system
  • Windows driver
  • Mac driver
  • Linux driver
  • SAP direct driver
  • Middleware motive driver


We have a demonstration unit in-house, so can produce sample labels for you of your artwork. On-site demonstrations are currently on hold, but we can record a video of the Epson printing your labels for you to see it in action.

This is a great opportunity to see if the new Epson can meet the needs of your labelling. Simply use our CONTACT FORM to request samples of your artwork printed, or a standard sample pack.

Or buy the Epson C6500 online.