AM Labels are happy to announce the introduction of a new line-up of high performance, cost-effective rewinders/unwinders designed and produced by Wide-Range, an industry leader in the field of industrial automation, particularly in the packaging and labelling sectors. Wide Range was first established in 1993 and its very name reveals the Company’s mission: to offer “a wide range of solutions.” Keeping in line with this company ethos, Wide-Range pursue problems that, due to their complexity, have often required tailored solutions. Wide Range has many unique characteristics that set them apart as a company that treats customer service and product quality as leading priorities. They take care of the complete product development cycle, beginning with an in depth analysis of the customer’s problems to the presentation of the final solution. In particular, the Company is engaged in designing electronic equipment, using the most advanced electronic CAD programs, in developing software for on-board microprocessors, in assembling circuit boards, in the final inspection of the products as well as checking that the quality standards are always met in the marketing of their products. Introducing the RWR Series The RWR is an industrial class rewinder/unwinder developed by Wide Range for self-adhesive labels on rolls, featuring an innovative design and advanced time saving features. The RWR Series comes in two available widths of 140mm and 230mm respectively. The RWR is fully made of steel, and equipped with a sizable base, ensuring a highly reliable connection to the printer. The adjustable spindle enables the use of internal cores going from 40mm to 110mm and the rewinding of rolls having a max outer diameter of 300mm for the RWR-S/RWR-L. There is also a 400mm OD version available, RWR-B, with a maximum width of 230mm ideally suited for heavy industrial applications. Advanced Technology A unique detection system of the tension assembly puts the machine in a condition to fully adapt itself to the printer speed thanks to its advanced control card, powered by a microprocessor - both during and at the end of the print run. This will avoid paper tears and frequent stops. Additionally, it is also possible to rewind clockwise or counter clockwise and to choose the maximum speed range the user wants to reach, allowing for a highly granular control over rewinding throughput. Highly Extensible The RWR Series can be easily attached to a wide variety of printers, including our popular colour printers – The Epson C3500 and C7500. Moreover, since the RWR Series is a stand-alone rewinder and unwinder unit, two can be combined to form a complete, highly cost-effective label production solution. Key Benefits:
  • Industrial class steel enclosure.
  • Sizable base ensuring maximum reliability.
  • Can rewind labels up to 140mm or 230mm wide.
  • Adjustable Spindle – Supports core sizes ranging from 40-110mm.
  • Support for rolls with a maximum diameter of 300mm or 400mm for the RWR-B.
  • Automatically adjusts label tension to printer speed.
  • Control over desired rewind speed.
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