We live in an increasingly technologically advanced world. With the advent of the internet and efficient world-wide transportation, the movement of physical goods and ideas are more widespread than ever. People are now far more able to set up their own businesses, or expand their current business operations multinationally than was ever thought possible even just 10 years ago. With this greater economic flexibility, comes with it new opportunities for profit. – Enter Digital label printing. The demand for custom made labels has risen exponentially over the past couple of years with more and more industries utilising the countless tracking, cost saving and marketing benefits that can be gained from using digital labels as part of their business strategy. However, with such a high level of demand, comes with it naturally, more competition. With this in mind, if you are a medium to large business that has a consistent need for labels in decent sized quantities, then it is a no brainer to move to an in house solution. This not only gives you greater organisational flexibility, as you can readily adapt to changing circumstances, such as the recent update to the GHS requirements for example, but you can also save large sums of money in the long-term as you don’t have any of those pesky third-party fees or unnecessary inventory storage costs. ANY-002 – Saving you Time & Money The ANY-002 is the latest in a range of industrial digital, toner-based colour label printers that are capable of producing labels at an impressive 9m (30 feet) per minute with an eye-catching resolution of 600 x 1200 dots per inch. This puts the Anytron in a unique position in the current marketplace. For its price point, it is one of the fastest and most reliable printers in the labelling industry. For instance, if you were to compare it to other industrial level liquid/ dry toner, LED rotary or UV inkjet solutions, some of these cost upwards of $500,000 for print speeds of 16-48 meters/min at 6.5” to 13” printable widths respectively. These printers no doubt have their use cases, but they are reserved for a very small subset of the printing industry and are not designed with the mass market in mind. The Any-002 fills this much needed gap by providing a printer that has the performance and quality to meet the demands of the vast majority of businesses for a price that makes sense. Packed Full of Features The New Any-002 comes with a wide array of features and improvements over its predecessor including gap, front side and back side black mark sensors, a built in cutter, encoder and a highly efficient motorised auto feeder to name just a few. For a full breakdown of the core features and differences between the new and old any-002, see the table below.

ANY-002 Comparison Table

Key Benefits of the ANY-002
  • Can produce 5,000 colour labels within 2 hours at a speed of up to 9m per minute (30 feet/minute)
  • 256 MB Ram and 160GB HDD
  • Highly reliable cutting-edge LED printing engine
  • Resolution of 600 x 1200dpi
  • GHS (BS5909) compliant
  • Capable of printing up to 1.2m long labels
  • High capacity ink drums
  • Automatic cutter and feeder
  • Gap, front side and back side black mark sensors
  • 370mm (14.5 Inch) outer media roll diameter
  • Interface support for high speed USB, TSP/IP
  • Media saving functionality with included Anytron software
  • Optional rewinder
About us AM Labels are the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of printing and labelling solutions. If you are interested in purchasing an ANY-002 or are simply looking for high quality and cost-effective labels, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01536 414 222 or send us an email at: [email protected] and our expert sales team will be happy to help.

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