The world is filled with colour. From the bright blue sea, to the vibrant red of a rose, colour plays an integral part in how we make sense of the world around us. It has the potential to change actions, and cause reactions, raise or lower your blood pressure, alter your appetite, and when used in the right way, it can even lower your energy consumption. As a method of communication, it can be exceptionally powerful. We all are universally aware that the colour red is frequently associated with “stop” and green means “go” thanks to traffic lights. The correct use of colour on your labels, business cards or website can cause strong emotional reactions, be that positive or negative. Either way, it is clear - Colour Matters! Not surprisingly, the effective use of colour from a marketing standpoint has been a hot topic of academic research. Satyendra Singh (2006), a prominent writer in the journal of Management and History, found a startling correlation between colour and consumer decision making. He found that up to 90% of people when making a purchase make their choice of colour alone! That is fascinating! Humans clearly have such a strong affinity with colour.Traffic Lights Take for example, the vibrant red of Coca Cola’s logo or the striking green of a bottle of Heineken. These, like traffic lights, are easily recognised and associated allowing people to readily find them on a shelf full of competing products. So now we understand the importance of colour, how does this fit into the landscape of label printing? More specifically, why should I purchase a colour label printer when what I am doing now works ok? It is an important question and one that I hope to answer in the remainder of this post. On Demand Labels – Saving you Time and Money The world has changed a lot in recent years. Thanks to countless advances in printing technology, more specifically manufacturing and ink layering processes, the cost of both owning and running a colour printer has gone down rapidly. It is now a competitive and much more flexible solution for your average business owner. Take for example the pitfalls of outsourcing label production. First you have to place your order, and then there is a lengthy back and forth process while your materials and design are prepared for printing – which alone could take weeks. After this, your labels are printed, packaged and sent. But here lies the rub. What if the colour is not right? What if the size is wrong? What if there is an unforeseen regulatory change that is critical to your industry and you now need to redesign your entire portfolio? This is obviously incredibly costly. This problem is amplified even further if you are a business that sells a wide range of products in small quantities. Third party solutions typically charge a premium for small label runs, and if you don’t want to pay a premium, then you will have to order more labels than you actually need – wasting even more money and space! Now how does this compare to your own colour printing solution? Once you have made your design, load it up into your favourite label software and hit print. It is that simple! Want to print only a few labels? No problem. Want to change your label design last minute? Easy! No premiums and no waiting. Only order the material you need; you are in complete control. So what printer is right for me? So now you know all about the benefits of in house colour printing and you are considering purchasing a colour printer - but which one is right for you? Here at AM Labels, we have a wide variety of colour printers available which can cater to many different industries. We have the C3500, a highly affordable and compact 4” wide 360 dpi printer; perfect for small to medium enterprises. If you want something with a higher resolution and printing speed, then we have the C7500, a rugged and fast 1200dpi printer. Finally, the Afinia-L801, a 1600dpi solution with printing speeds up to an impressive 12” per second! If you have any queries regarding which printer is right for your specific circumstances, then don’t hesitate to contact our expert sales team on 01536 414222 we would be happy to help.