Consumers are now far more aware of our environment, purchasing products that are ethically sourced or environmentally friendly before others. More than 95 per cent of Europeans say that protecting the environment is important, so how can your business contribute too this? Producing labels in house not only saves on long term costs, but also storage and on a huge amount of waste. By printing your own it obliterates the need too order large runs of labels that may not be used, and would thus be thrown out. Many of our printers utilise four ink cartridges that allow you too replace any cartridge that runs out, meaning you don't need to waste any ink, so even running our printers benefits the environment. You can also shift stock at a faster rate by producing for sale or reduced labels as and when needed, so you can shift products faster and sell them rather than having to risk throwing out of date product. Not only will you benefit the environment, but by producing your own labels your company can save a substantial amount of money. You can produce products faster, establish any printing errors so there is no risk of wasting misprinted rolls, and save on essential storage space. If you would like too find out more about how we can benefit your business today, simply contact us via [email protected]/(01536) 414222.