Halloween is an exciting time of year for children around the world, excitedly getting dressed in their outfits and heading out too gather various tasty treats. For alot of children, this can be a disappointing time of year due too various allergies. Upto 8% of all children suffer from a food allergy of some kind, so it is a certain that a child with an allergy will arrive at your door. Recently, food allergies have came more too light, with a rise in gluten free/lactose free/vegan snacks and foods, and with charities such as the Teal Pumpkin raising awareness for these children by asking people to give out non  food items such as bouncy balls, it has become alot easier for adults too understand and cater to these children needs. As a company, you can assist with this with clear labeling of allergen advice on your snacks and produce to capture the buyers eye and incite them too purchase your product for this Halloween. Products that have clearly been marked with allergens rather than in small print sell up to 47% more - a huge increase for such a small and cheap change. How can you ensure your products are clearly marked? Look too ordering a stream of labels too mark current produce, or simply print a stream of new packaging to fit in with the season. Manufacturers of pre-packed food that contains any of these 14 allergens must label them clearly on the packaging. For most manufacturers that means emboldening them in the ingredients list, though some choose to highlight them in a different colour. If you work with food that isn't prepackaged, by legislation details on  were all allergen information can be found should be made clear. With a labelling solution, you can simply print this and add it to your products - look to our stand alone system available here. Show your customers you care Food intolerance is on the rise. The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) estimates 17 million allergy sufferers throughout Europe, each of them requiring labelling that makes it easy to identify foods they need to avoid. Clearly marketing your allergies creates a trust between you and your customers, and shows you care. What technology can I use? Food businesses are incredibly fast paced, so you need something that is not just fast but efficient. You can look at us to get your labels printed and arrived promptly, or create an in-house solution with our various colour label printers or stand alone system. If you would like to know any more about these products, simple contact us today via [email protected] or (01536) 414222. With these simple steps, you can mark your items as safe too eat for any childrens with allergies, ensuring that they can enjoy trick-or-treating just the same as the other children - and build a customer relationship along the way. I hope this blog has helped, and a Happy Halloween in the meantime!