Printing your own labels can transform your business in so many areas. From saving money to producing products quicker and faster, there are a number of benefits that will not only assist you but also your customers. Save money! In house labelling can save you money in many areas. Printing on demand means you don’t need to pay for set up costs or runs of labels you’re only going to use a number of; you can save a large sum of money on labour costs, and with printing on demand you can produce new products and release them without having to wait for print outs too arrive. Read here for example how this e-juice company benefitted from using the Epson C3500. Save on storage space By producing labels as and when you need them, you save on storage space which can be utilised for more useful areas of the business. Reduced labour With automated printers, you no longer need to have trained technicians or stuff, saving  you a large sum of money. Enforced branding Printing your own labels allows you to have full control of your designs so you can change them as you see fit, rather than buying new labels time and time again. You can also offer a more customised design surface if you manufacturer too customers at a faster rate. Reduce wastage With stock that turns around quickly such as fresh foods, printing labels in house means you can monitor this stock and add reductions as and when you need too, maximising profits and reducing unnecessary waste. We have a wide variety of printers to suit your needs, whether you are a small catering business too a large manufacturing operation. If you would like too find out more today about how colour printers can change your business, simply contact us via [email protected] or call us on (01536) 414222.