Optimise your business instantly by implementing the all-new Select-A-Label touch screen system from AM Labels.

Intuitive and user friendly, this system is designed to make printing labels easier for a range of packaging environments. Designed for business flexibility, AM Labels standalone solution can either access a remote or a local product database, allowing you too easily manage your labels whatever the location.
Each feature is designed with the user's needs in mind, making it simple and easy to navigate. Features include a colour coded selection process, a search function with onscreen keyboard or you can simply scroll through all your products, making producing your own labels easier than ever.
Aimed at increasing business efficiency, the solution has proved to reduce label waste with its distinctive product selection process, ensuring that minimal training will be required to use the system.
Database management could not be easier and can be controlled either locally or remotely. The terminal, which can be Wi-Fi or LAN enabled, can request a new database from a central location, allowing administrators to control data on the terminal for various sites from one location. Local updates are also possible with the use of a flash drive; just simply plug in and upload.
If you would like to find out how this can benefit you today, find out from our sales team or even just ask for a demonstration on [email protected]/(01536) 414222.
Key Benefits

  • Includes database management tools too utilise your existing product database.
  • A variety of ways to select products based on user preference.
  • Can be entirely tailored to your labelling needs.
  • Product databases can be uploaded automatically via WiFi, LAN or Local.
  • Easy media loading on  the printer ensures trouble-free use.
  • Fast output at 125mm per second - ideal for just-in-time product labelling requirements.

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