Our latest range of Thermal Ribbons! Here at AM Labels, we sell a whole range of different ribbon brands that are available for use in a variety of different thermal label printers. We offer wax, resin enhanced wax, wax/resin and resin ribbon grades in printers such as Zebra’s, Intermec’s, Sato’s and Citizen’s etc. Generally, the more synthetic and resistant the label needs to be, the more the ribbon used for printing has to contain resin such that a high quality print is produced. Zed-Wax brand Recently new to AM Labels’ online stores and general sample section is the Zed-Wax thermal ribbon. Available on 25mm cores, the Zed-Wax ribbons are largely suited to industrial thermal transfer label printers as they can print onto labels at low energy and high speeds. Manufactured with ‘Ultracoat Technology’, the ribbons ensure maximum printhead protection. The ribbons come in two different grades, these being Wax and Resin enhanced Wax. The so called grades are called ZWax and ZWax+ respectively. To see our range of Zed-Wax ribbons please click here. Dynic range In addition to the Zed-Wax ribbons, AM Labels also have a new range of Dynic ribbons available. Compatible with the cab XC4 (4 inch) and XC6 (6 inch) printers, these ribbons provide fantastic scratch, smear and heat resistance. The ribbons come in 4 different types in a combination of colour, grade and name. These include: Red S21 (Wax/Resin), Black S21 (Wax/Resin), Red HL35 (Resin), Black HL35 (Resin). For more information on our Dynic Range ribbons please click here.