New to AM Labels (AML) online store is Sato’s CL4NX Industrial Thermal Label Printer! High Speed Processing Built with 100MB user accessible memory, the Sato CL4NX allow for the storage of formats, custom fonts and any other downloads thus allowing for a faster processing speed. Compared to the older CL4e version, the CL4NX when running at 200dpi and 203dpi can process over double the amount of graphic items in a set time. In addition to this, the printer is able to print at 600dpi. Saving space In many industrial type environments such as warehouses, lack of space can become an issue. However with the Sato CL4NX’s own space saving design it is able to reduce the overall area for operation up to 54%. Due to the CL4NX’s reduced horizontal footprint, the printer requires less headroom when operating in under-table applications. This further increases its compatibility to run in small industrial spaces. Key Features
  • New Darkness Range: Enhanced settings allow printing on the most challenging materials in almost any environments.
  • Able to run both inside and outside wound ribbons and labels. No further adjustments or accessories are required.
  • Fully interactive LCD display with in-built video tutorials. In an error situation, comprehensive messages and guides are available to fix the problem.
Contact us To enquire about Sato’s CL4NX Industrial Thermal Label Printer or any other features that come installed with it, please click on the link below or call our friendly sales team on 01536 414222. For more information on the TEC B-FV4T please click here