Available now at AM Labels’ online store are the new Z-Wax grade ribbons. There are two grades in total; one being the Z-Wax premium performance wax and the other being the Z-Wax+ high performance resin enhanced wax. Zebra compatibility The outside wound Z-Wax grade ribbons are primarily designed to be compatible with a range of Zebra’s flathead mid-range printers as well as their industrial equivalents. Some of the printers that are applicable include the Zebra S4M, 105SL, ZT220, ZT230 etc., all of which are able to take both the 300m and 450m rolls. Best uses Great for general labelling purposes the Z-Wax grade ribbons give a fantastic dense black print that is ideal for the printing of barcodes, variable data, logos and graphics. Whilst both technically wax ribbons, the Z-Wax+ has a distinct advantage over its Z-Wax counterpart as it is able to print onto a wider range over materials due to the extra resin within the ribbon. Z-Wax is only applicable with paper based substrates including coated and non-coated paper tags whereas the Z-Wax+ can also print onto vellum, PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) synthetics. Ultracoat Technology Manufactured into the Z-Wax ribbons is the latest ‘Ultracoat Technology’. This state of the art technology uses the latest innovative inks and ink release layers to ensure that the minimum amount of energy is used in the ink transfer. The Z-Wax+ ribbons receive a further upgrade as the technology is branded ‘Ultracoat Premium Technology’. This upgrade ensures the latest anti-static and high performance black coating formulations available to the TTR industry. Key Features
  • Low energy printing
  • High print speeds
  • Manufactured with Ultrawax so that the print head life and performance is increased
  • Extremely competitively price
  • Outside Wound ribbons with 300m or 450m length.
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