New to AM Labels (AML) online store is the Motorola Symbol CS4070 companion, pocket-sized barcode scanner! Revolutionary scanning The CS4070 uses Motorola Symbols own PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology which resets the bar for 2D imaging. It allows users to capture 1D or 2D barcodes with laser-style speed and accuracy for first-time every time split-second capture of barcodes in virtually any condition. Multi-medium ability Built with great flexibility the device can scan barcodes off of any medium; these range from being able to scan off a mobile phone, a label and even a computer screen. Have any barcodes that are suspect to becoming dirty, damaged, poorly printed or scratched? The new companion scanner from Motorola Symbol has no problem scanning these at all with true point-and-shoot simplicity. Superior ergonomics Not only is the CS4070 on of the smallest and lightest devices of its class, it can naturally fit into a user’s hand for all day comfort in the most scan intensive environments. Built in grooves guide the hand to the most comfortable placement, and trigger buttons are placed to enable easy effortless scanning for any size hand. Full-shift power and usage With an extensive battery life, the CS4070 companion holds enough power for a 12-hour shift with a warning LED symbol notifying users when they need to change the battery. The scan button offers an enterprise-class actuation rating, the scan button and scan button graphics are designed and tested to handle over a million users. Other Key Features:
  • Motorola Symbol CS4070 has a built in easy-pairing Bluetooth device.
  • Offers real-time batch mode support.
  • 36 month warranty.
  • Scan distance ranging from 3.6cm to 75.2cm.
Contact Us To enquire about the Motorola Symbol CS4070 companion pocket-sized barcode scanner or other any features/services that come with the device, please click on the link below or call our friendly sales team on 01536 414222. For more information on the Motorola Symbol CS4070 please click here