Introducing the Psion EP10 robust handheld computer to the AM Labels online store! The EP10 is a new handheld computer from Psion which has been dubbed the market’s most durable and complete enterprise PDA. Its IP-54 rated and can withstand a big (26 to be precise) amount of drops on each edge/corner/face on concrete before it will crack so they can certainly back their claim as it being the most durable – but is it the most complete? With comparison to competitors in mind – it’s lighter than the Intermec CN3, has a more up-to-date operating system with Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 and is cheaper by over £50. Against the Motorola Symbol MC70, the EP10 is more durable and has a higher IP rating as the MC70 can only withstand drops of 1.2 metres. The EP10 comes with features such as a 3.2 mega pixel camera and a fully functioning 2D omni-directional barcode imager. It also supports all of the wireless communications that your enterprise applications and business needs such as CDMA, GSM, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. The EP10 also comes with a primary services option which is a 3 year maintenance contract with only a 3 day turnaround - which is essential for business critical scanning applications in harsh environments where units may get damaged or mistreated. To enquire or request more information about the Psion EP10 handheld computer then please phone our friendly sales team on 01536 414222.